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25 June 2024
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Blocksquare Reaches $100M Tokenized RWA, Coinciding Launchpad Release

Blocksquare Reaches $100M Tokenized RWA, Coinciding Launchpad Release

The RWA tokenization protocol Blocksquare revealed today that $100 million worth of tokenized assets had been tokenized. This announcement coincides with the launch of Blocksquare’s launchpad, Oceanpoint v0.5.

The noteworthy accomplishment of tokenizing $100 million in real estate assets on its platform features 118 distinct properties, ranging from apartments to restaurants, parking lots, hotels, and medical facilities spread across more than 21 nations.

As shown by the first notarization of a tokenized real estate transaction on the EU land registry, Blocksquare’s success may be attributed to its legal framework. With this accomplishment, secure on-chain activities are made possible, establishing a new worldwide benchmark and highlighting Blocksquare’s dedication to security and innovation in the real estate tokenization space.

Furthermore, Blocksquare introduces Oceanpoint v0.5, its DeFi launchpad. Now operational, the launchpad helps startups focused on real estate tokenization get off the ground.

The Oceanpoint DeFi ecosystem is powered by Blocksquare’s utility token, BST, which can also be staked and converted into sBST, the governance token. Now, community members may earn incentives by supporting prospective tokenization marketplace operators with these tokens. Through this initiative, start-ups may get Blocksquare’s SaaS solutions for up to 100% off, which makes it easier and more efficient for them to develop and expand their businesses.

Marketplace Pools provide community members and marketplace operators an easier method to interact and develop within the ecosystem.

Denis Petrovcic, Co-founder and CEO of Blocksquare stated:

“Over $100M in real estate assets in 21 countries across the globe is a clear signal to the industry that tokenizing RWAs like real estate holds immense value for creating a bridge to invest in traditional assets. Together, our dynamic team, committed marketplace partners, and visionary BST holder community are driving revolution in real estate, through democratized investment.”

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