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19 September 2021
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Coinbase now offers free international transactions!

Coinbase, a major US cryptocurrency exchange, announced on March 28 that it is now possible for exchange users to perform free international cryptocurrency transactions.
Coinbase customers can now use ripple (XRP) or Coinbase’s own stablecoin, the USDCoin (USDC), to execute financial transactions to another Coinbase account, regardless of where the recipient is located. The transactions would be almost immediate and without fee.
The recipient can then convert the digital currency back to the local fiat currency. If the local currency is not supported by Coinbase, the XRP or USDC must first be sent to an exchange that does support it. The usual fees apply to transactions to external exchange.

Coinbase has made another announcement. On April 1, the exchange announced that it now supports Stellar Lumens (XLM) in Coinbase Wallet, an app for iOS and Android.
On March 14, Coinbase announced that it had added Stellar Lumens on Coinbase Pro.
Coinbase announced last week that it is giving away a total of $ 100 million in XLM to inquisitive customers. Clients can individually earn up to $ 50 in XLM by watching videos about the cryptocurrency, answering questions and bringing in new customers.

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