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29 September 2023
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Crypto Analyst Explains How This Ethereum-Based DeFi Token Could 100X

Last week, crypto analyst/influencer Ben Armstrong talked about an exciting decentralized finance (DeFi) project, the governance token of which he calls “the next altcoin gem.”

The project in question is yield farming robo-advisor APY.Finance, which can connect with all the leading DeFi protocols (such as Uniswap, SushiSwap, Aave, Compound, Yearn.Finance, Synthetix, and dYdX).

The team behind this project say that APY.Finance offers the following important features:

  • next-generation yield farming (the platform “gives users a single place to deposit their liquidity” and “handles all the heavy lifting of yield farming by pooling user liquidity and distributing the gas cost”)
  • risk management (after “every strategy is assigned a risk score”, APY “distributes user liquidity across its portfolio of yield farming strategies, optimizing for risk-adjusted yields”)
  • decentralized and fully community-owned (“users are incentivized with the APY governance token to keep strategy models up-to-date with the latest DeFi developments”)

In a video released last Thursday (February 11) on his YouTube channel, “BitBoy Crypto” (“@Bitboy_Crypto” on Twitter) reviewed APY.Finance and broke down “its path to 500x.”

This is how Armstrong introduced APY.Finance (APY):

DeFi has been killing it in the past 12 months. New groundbreaking protocols were built in the bear market and exploded even before the market sentiment turned bullish. The most outstanding ones, of course, are Ave and Synthetix. Aave made an insane 260X and Synthetix an astronomical 407X in less than a year. This is DeFi, ladies and gentlemen, and this is only the pre-game party…

A few days ago, we came across a project which turned out to be the missing puzzle piece to the Yearn and Aave DeFi kingdom… It opens up the doors to yield farming for average investors and whales in just a few clicks, promising to make DeFi easy. It’s called APY Finance — the ticker [is] APY — a plug-in play solution for investors, which routes funds to the best yield farming strategies. One won’t have to search for options themselves and worry about changing yield…

It’s all automated, and is essentially an aggregator of DeFi… You deposit DAI, USDC, or tether stable coins, and it finds the best risk reward yield farming strategy options for you. APY even spreads out the risk by routing your funds to multiple farms. This way, smart contract risk is way lower and the yield higher and more sustainable.

It is important to point however that at the time that Armstrong made his video, APY, the governance token of APY.Finance, was trading at $0.90, which means that Armstrong believes that the APY price could reach as high as $450. Currently (as of 21:20 UTC on February 16), APY is trading at $4.77, down 12.80% in the past 24-hour period.

Featured Image by “elifxlite” via Pixabay.com

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