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30 May 2024
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Entangle Launches Mainnet, Elevating Omnichain Interoperability and Staking

Entangle Launches Mainnet, Elevating Omnichain Interoperability and Staking

Entangle, a interoperable data infrastructure layer, has successfully launched its Mainnet after two years of development and a solid testnet phase. With this significant accomplishment, Entangle is positioned as a major force in the omnichain segment, offering cutting-edge solutions for smooth interoperability.

The Entangle Blockchain, Entangle Explorer, Photon Messaging, Validators, Delegation, and e-Bridge are some of the vital components of the Mainnet launch. The Application Layer, Modules Layer, and Tendermint Consensus Layer make up the tiered framework upon which the Entangle Blockchain is built.

The efficiency of the Entangle Blockchain is shown by its average block time of less than 2.8 seconds. With the ability to facilitate omnichain development across 16 EVM and non-EVM blockchains, including Solana, the Photon Messaging functionality significantly improves the platform.

Since the Mainnet became live, holders of NGL may now stake their tokens to protect the blockchain, get incentives, and take advantage of further promotions that the Entangle Ecosystem will be offering. Staking entails assigning tokens to the Entangle agent network and validators, which are essential to maintaining the security of the Photon Messaging system.

There are already 71 validators, with more likely to join, including well-known industry heavyweights as Hashkey Cloud, Rhino, Nodefi, and DaiC. Notably, a considerable 25 million NGL tokens have already been staked or assigned to validators, demonstrating the fervor and assurance around Entangle’s prospects. To delegate their tokens, users may go to the Entangle Explorer and choose a transmitter agent or validator.

One of Entangle’s forthcoming initiatives involves onboarding agents who will also accept stakes and delegations from users.

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