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1 August 2021
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Ethereum Needs to Expand Beyond Making Tokens: Vitalik Buterin on EthCC

Ethereum (ETH) inventor Vitalik Buterin yet again stressed that Ethereum should move far beyond DeFi

Ethereum (ETH) beyond DeFi: Governance, identity management, social media

According to Vitalik’s presentation shared on Twitter by attendees of EthCC—the most popular Ethereum community event—Ethereum’s inventor is focused on unusual use cases for Ethereum (ETH) as a network.

Vitalik emphasized that Ethereum (ETH) has outgrown DeFi as its number one use case. The time has come for the network to move ahead:

Ethereum ecosystem needs to expand beyond just making tokens that help with trading other tokens. It’s already happening to some extent, but we can do more.

For instance, Ethereum (ETH) can help in reshaping the social media segment. Vitalik admits that modern social media platforms are too vulnerable to censorship and have a too low quality of discourse.

Decentralized governance (DeGov) is another use for the expanding Ethereum (ETH) network. To boost adoption in this field, Ethereum (ETH) accounts should evolve into full-fledged profiles.

NFTs for everyone

As a result, novel Ethereum-based apps will merge the features of financial and non-financial instruments.

Finally, Vitalik Buterin admitted that he is disappointed by the state of affairs in the segment of digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

He is certain that ordinary people should also benefit from this ground-breaking decentralized instrument:

I want NFTs to benefit the wider society, beyond just celebrities.

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