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29 May 2022
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Kucoin gets seven cryptocurrencies from stock exchange

Kucoin has taken a number of cryptocurrencies from the fair. Among the affected cryptocurrencies is Polymath, a platform for security tokens and Substratum, a protocol for a decentralized Internet with an involved community. The Hong Kong company is a medium-sized exchange with a trading volume of approximately 4.5 million dollars over the past 24 hours. They offer 322 trading pairs, of which the trading group ETH / BTC is traded the most.

Kucoin delistes cryptocurrencies

It is not very clear what the reason is. Apparently, the cryptocurrency below fell under a special admission regulation, the “Special Treatment Rule” as Kucoin calls it. That regulation is now formally terminated with the stopping of trade as a result.

It concerns the following coins:

  • Arcblock (ABT)
  • Aeron (ARN)
  • DATA (DTA)
  • IHT Real Estate Protocol (IHT)
  • Polymath (POLY)
  • Quantstamp (QSP)
  • Substratum (SUB)

The trade will be closed on 3 February 2019 7:00 PM Dutch time. Until 3 May 2019 at 7 pm investors can still withdraw their credits from these cryptocurrencies. In addition, the trade of the USE / USDT trading pair also stops.

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