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Middle East Employee Well Being Summit 2024: A Resounding Success

Middle East Employee Well Being Summit 2024: A Resounding Success

The Middle East Employee Well Being Summit, organized by IBEForuM , was held on the 28th and 29th of May 2024 at the prestigious Radisson Blu in Dubai. The event was a monumental success, drawing attendees from around the globe and featuring over 14+ sponsors, 20+ distinguished speakers  and more than 200 Delegates.

The summit provided invaluable insights into the critical importance of mental health in ensuring overall employee well-being. With a strong focus on how corporate entities can integrate wellness practices into their organizational culture, the event underscored the need for a proactive approach to mental health in the workplace.

One of the standout sessions was the laughter yoga workshop, which highlighted innovative and engaging methods to reduce stress and promote mental wellness among employees. This session, along with others, demonstrated practical strategies that can be implemented across various industries to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

Keynote speakers and panel discussions covered a wide range of topics. The event also featured interactive sessions and networking opportunities, allowing participants to share their experiences and learn from industry leaders. The collective expertise and diverse perspectives provided a comprehensive understanding of the best practices for fostering a supportive work environment.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming response and engagement at this year’s summit, “The discussions and insights shared by our speakers and attendees have set a new benchmark for how we approach employee well-being. It is clear that mental health is not just a personal issue but a crucial business imperative.”

The success of the Middle East Employee Well Being Summit 2024 is a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of mental health in the workplace. IBEFORUM extends its gratitude to all sponsors, speakers, and participants for their contributions in making this event a landmark gathering for the business community.

About IBEForuM:- IBEForuM is an International Organization with the goal of empowering global leaders to carve a better future.

For more information about the summit and future events, please visit [IBEFORUM’s website]


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