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6 June 2023
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Ripple/XRP: “XRP is definitely coiling up”, says prominent trader and charting expert

Peter Brandt, the author of “Diary of a Professional and Commodity Trader” and a well-known trader tweeted the charts of Steller Lumens [XLM] and XRP on January 21, 2019.

Brandt tweeted the technical analysis chart of Stellar Lumens and set the first target as $0.0653 and the next one at $0.00150 and said “so basically worthless. Sorry.”

Source: @PeterLbrandt

A user, @BrandonVanB replied to Brandt’s tweet:

“@PeterLBrandt do you have any insight into XRP (Ripple). The fundamentals look amazing.”

Peter Brandt replied to @BrandonVanB with another technical analysis chart saying: “XRP is definitely coiling up”

Source: @PeterLbrandt

“Coiling Up” is a technical term used to signify a market which has the potential to make a strong move in one direction after being pushed in the opposite direction or held flat. The idea is that if a market should be headed in one direction due to its fundamentals but has pressure in the opposite direction, it will eventually make a strong move in the course of the original fundamental direction.

Moreover, the coiled move will be more significant and substantial than the move if it would have continued in the normal direction without interference.

Brandt’s tweet doesn’t necessarily mean that the movement of price will move upwards, it could go either way. In addition to the technicals, Ripple is on a crusade with a slew of partnerships with various institutions around the world.

Ripple has over 200+ partnerships which are spread over 40 countries and each one of them is using Ripple’s blockchain solutions, be it xRapid, xCurrent, or xVia.

Brandt’s tweet faced a lot of commotion in the community as Brandt had said that “XRP will replace NO portion of global forex trading volume” in August 2017.

@CarpeNoctom replied to Brandt’s tweet saying:

“Almost every crypto chart looks like that

So I guess everything is worthless soon
Sorry not sorry”

Another Twitter user, @OSD728 commented:

“If the prices of xlm do go that low I will definitely buy more not saying I want it to but still that’s a good entry point”

Peter Brandt is well-known for his prediction of the 2018 crash of cryptocurrencies and for his accurate predictions when it comes to technical analysis or charting.

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