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28 November 2021
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Sweet NFT Platform Integrates Tezos, Welcomes McLaren Racing NFTs

  • Sweet NFT platform integrates Tezos.
  • Tezos brings McLaren Racing Collective NFT fan experience to Sweet.
  • All three brands value sustainability through innovation.

The leading enterprise NFT solutions provider — Sweet, happily announces the integration of Tezos onto its platform. Tezos is a leading Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain network known for its sustainability and simple upgrades.

This integration means that the Tezos collection enters the Sweet NFT Platform. In turn, this unveils the arrival of the highly-gamified McLaren Racing Collective NFT fan experience onto Sweet. Thus, McLaren Racing fans can now collect unique McLaren F1 car parts and begin building their unique NFT McLaren F1 car on Sweet, powered by Tezos.

Accordingly, Sweet is establishing exciting ways for brands to bring digital collectibles to their audiences. By adding support for Tezos, Sweet unlocks a whole new wave of growth. To elaborate, perks for the leading NFT marketplace include energy efficiency and scalability.

Not to mention, Sweet will open the doors to welcome the alive and active Tezos NFT community. Therefore, Sweet’s highly intuitive and user-friendly NFT Marketplace and wallet is set to boom.


Furthermore, the integration will allow all McLaren Racing fans to collect, sell, and create Tezos NFTs on Sweet. Fans can even reserve a complimentary McLaren Racing NFT right now on  McLarenRacingCollective.com. However, they must do so before October 24th.

CEO of Sweet — Tom Mizzone says,

McLaren Racing is revolutionizing the digital collectibles space by providing fans with unprecedented views of the MCL35M car parts as true 3D NFTs that can be spun around, fidgeted with, and viewed from all angles. Additionally, McLaren Racing has gamified the entire collectors’ experience as their fans race to collect all the individual 3D car components to unlock the interactive 3D MCL35M Formula One car and access unique fan experiences.

More so, Mizzone says that the entire McLaren Racing Collective on Tezos is built for its eco-friendliness. In fact, its compatibility with NFTs is great with broad-scale use cases and applications. Lastly, Tezos allows Sweet to continue prioritizing and maintaining a seamless, user-friendly digital collecting experience. Thus, Sweet expects to see a large move into Tezos NFTs across many marketplaces and IP holder verticals.


As for McLaren F1 fans building their McLaren F1 car via the McLaren Racing’s immersive and gamified NFT experience, there is much to explore. In detail, each part will have its own scarcity. Thus, there will be enough parts available only to assemble 35 complete NFT cars.

Likewise, the first batch of collectible parts will include the right-wing mirror, the left-wing mirror, the FR wheel, and the FL wheel. These will be out on October 24, 2021, right during the time of the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas on Sweet.


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