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20 May 2024
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$1.1 Billion Worth Bitcoin and Altcoins Lost In Theft Last Year, Guess Who’s Losing Money Now

You could be the next victim of this whole bitcoin hackery business. The business is huge. Bitcoin is not the only brand of these currencies that are vulnerable to theft and hacking. Like any other asset in the world, all other currencies, and precious items, all cryptos are.

$1.1 billion worth of cryptocurrency was stolen in the first half of 2018, and it is only getting easier and easier to do so. The company also suggested that all of this theft is powered by the dark web and it works in the craziest and sneakiest of ways.

This does not make them weak. This does not make them useless. This makes them ordinary but in a very acceptable and lovable way. Consider this as a tech version of ‘we are human after all.’

But, in an awful world where everything is at stake, at risk, in danger, what do we do? How to play it safe when even not playing anything is not safe. Tough spot being on earth? No, the tough spot is being happy on earth. There is no exact recipe for it and everybody has different taste buds, but cryptos do help in adding a lot of flavor to the happy dish. We all could use a pick me up after all. A little pump and dash of something new hurt nobody after all.

Super sad is this part, there are now an estimated 12,000 marketplaces and 34,000 offerings related to crypto-theft for hackers to choose from. This has caused us all a lot of trauma because we love the oh so progressive idea of cryptocurrencies, and this is such a turn off for enthusiasts.

Thefts can come from organized cartels or crime groups extorting exchanges and companies. But it is often as simple as a highly trained but unemployed engineer looking to make extra cash.

The illegal dark web market for theft and hacking services has grown to a whopping $6.7 million economy. If that is not huge we don’t know what is. But, there’s always scum in the sugar syrup, does not mean that the sugar is bad. Sugar is gooood. And we all know it is! There is no denying to that.

So whether there is an absolute way to keep safe, no. But, should that be the reason why we quit loving bitcoin and altcoins, hell no! No one in their right minds would. They are far too hyped and loved for that! Stay on the prettier side of things though! Good luck y’all.

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