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18 August 2022
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Alex Jones’ Bitcoin Comments: Crypto Community Conspiracies or Cool, Calm and Collected Reaction?

Needless to say, we, as a species, can often become wholly, or partially engrossed in conspiracies of some kind. Whether that is the idea that the Moon landings were faked, or that ‘Bush did 9/11,’ there is a conspiracy that a good number of us are all too captivated by to be swayed by obnoxious things as facts and reason.

Having built a reputation around national and international conspiracy theories, Alex Jones, formerly of InfoWars fame, has ended up in the (virtual) headlines all thanks to his recent, albeit controversial, second appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast which went live to millions this month.

While the discussion started very much as any conventional conversation goes, it didn’t take too long before it devolved into speculative rants about George Soros, the name synonymous with the shape of Piñata that both Anti-semitic Right-wingers and Left-wing Anarcho-Socialists would like to hit with a varying range of clubs and tiki torches.

According to Jones, Soros had propositioned him, offering him $5m in exchange for working to pump Bitcoin, otherwise known as heavily investing in it, thereby increasing its underlying price.

What made this all the more unusual is that Alex Jones was offered this ‘incentive’ not in conventional fiat, but in cryptocurrency; Bitcoin, to be precise. One of the other things that Jones was offered by these ‘interested parties’ was a monthly retainer of $1 million per month in order to advertise the currency, but he rejected it.

Now while conspiracies themselves are as old as the earth, it is unfortunate that the internet has made us, both as people, and as cryptocurrency enthusiasts, far more susceptible to discovering them, and subsequently believing them.

Our Disdain For The ‘Old’ Order

It’s no lie to say that the world of cryptocurrencies was built on top of disaffection for financial institutions and multinational banks. After all, we are the generation that had to go through one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression.

Needless to say, the Great Recession of 2008/9 is what made us, as investors and HODL-ers, skeptical by default. So it’s understandable that we would re-appraise the kind of mediums of commerce and news that we receive. But it’s one thing to factually cross-reference, and it’s another to move over to alternative news sources altogether.

But this goes far beyond the likes of just following alternative news outlets, these are conspiracies that have proven prevalent within the cryptocurrency space. Don’t believe that? All we need to look at is the world of Bitcoin, one that has its fair share of backers and front-runners that are self-professed maximalists. Why do I bring this up? Because it’s resulted in so many different ‘sects’ of Bitcoin, from X to black, ABC, and SV.

About Jones

While Jones is no dissenting voice when it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies. He himself is a strong advocate of digital currencies as a way to provide greater autonomy to individuals, pulling power away from financial institutions and vested interests.

When he spoke to Roger Ver, he demonstrated a very bullish opinion on Bitcoin specifically, with a recent discussion with Peter Schiff leading to the $1m per month deal that was put in front of Jones.

If anything, it was this, according to Jones, that raised a warning flag about the state of Bitcoin, arguing that it was going to be entering a possible bearish trend soon.

”That means they are about to dump the digital currency. They are pulling their fund out of the scheme. And they want to attract new suckers with massive promotions to prop it up. So it crashes months later, and they are not blamed for pulling out their fund – which is the crime – when they know they are about to collapse. It is called a pump and dump.”

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