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28 October 2021
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“Anything Bitcoin [BTC] can do, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] can do better,” agrees Roger Ver

Bitcoin.com CEO, Roger Ver, has been a mainstay in the cryptocurrency world since its genesis, funding current big-names like Coinbase and Ripple. Following Ver’s re-alignment from Bitcoin [BTC] to Bitcoin Cash [BCH], post the August 2017 hardfork, his stance on the two coins can be summed up by his most recent statement:“Anything Bitcoin [BTC] can do, Bitcoin Cash can do better.”

Ver, repeating the words of Gabriel Cardona, the Director of Developer Services and head of R&D at Bitcoin Cash, agreed with Cardona. The statement in question was made during the most recent episode on Bitcoin.com’s YouTube channel, which featured Bitcoin Jesus, Cardona, Aska Eiki, a BCH promoter in Japan, and Emil Oldenburg, the CTO of Bitcoin.com.

The episode began with a discussion on Elon Musk’s cryptocurrency embrace and Samsung’s revolutionary Galaxy S10 that may feature a crypto-wallet, but soon veered to the realm of Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Cash.

This past week, the tipping services platform, Tippin.me powered by Bitcoin and the Lightning Network [LN] gained notoriety after it started allowing users to send and receive Bitcoins through the LN using their custodial wallets.

Ver stated:

“Everyone is all excited about custodial services. I think you’re missing the entire point, if you’re excited about custodial services.”

Cardona stated that at present, the fever around the Lightning Network is mostly by newbies who were not present when the “scaling debate happened in 2014-15.” The panel added that due to several social media campaigns and censorship, people are misguided to think that the LN is better.

Cardano said that user experience on the Lightning Network is, “degrading,” when compared to the likes of Bitcoin Cash. Ver also said that the timeliness of LN is nothing compared to that of Bitcoin Cash.

With reference to the Bitcoin.com wallet, Ver said,“Bitcoin.com on boards more people to Bitcoin Cash in a single day, than the Lightning Network has ever on boarded in its entire history.”

Oldenburg joined the LN debate stating that people know that “BTC is not useable.” Ver added that although he remains a skeptic of the LN, he does not hate the Lightning Network, but wishes it success. He further accused many cryptocurrency wallets of being “custodian banks accounts,” and even likened them to a scam.

The CTO also announced that Schnorr Signatures will be coming to Bitcoin Cash as part of the next update scheduled for 15 May. Referring to the Lightning Network, he said,“Enables Lightning Network usages on Bitcoin Cash.”

Cardona added that the BCH model will work better than Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, post their update. He added that the user experience that the Lightning Network provides is nothing in comparison to BCH. Cardona said,“Our Lightning Network, will, in theory, work better…the Lightning Network is absolutely a horrible user experience, we all know this.”

The head developer went on to explain the transaction fee charged for Bitcoin Cash transactions and how if the transactions are “scaled out,” there is a flat line fee of one Satoshi per byte. He further stated that Lightning Network works better with larger blocks. Cardona added,“Anything BTC can do Bitcoin Cash can do better, I know that that’s going to be inflammatory to people, but that really is true.”

Roger Ver agreed with the statement and repeated it, adding, “ it is true.”

Cardona further went on to lambast Bitcoin and its proponents, stating that they were blinded by branding and ignoring what the real value of cryptocurrencies is. The panel then chimed in, stating that BTC maximalists have created a branding ploy and are fooling new users by referring to Bitcoin Cash as “Bcash” or “Btrash,” while ignoring that it is “peer to peer electronic cash.”

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