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28 January 2022
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As a beginner to buy your first bitcoin (BTC)?

Even the people whose interest has just been aroused for bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies have most likely experienced the sharp rise in last week’s bitcoin rate on Saturday. The recent price movement is a striking one, certainly because it is the fourth largest movement in the history of bitcoin! It is not surprising that bitcoins positive trend makes beginners on the cryptocurrency market consider making their first purchase. What seems? It is an exciting step for many starters, especially if one does not know exactly what to look out for. The Cryptohulp.nu e-book now offers a solution and helps people buy bitcoin the first time!

Get started wiser and more securely

In simple language the e-book covers what cryptocurrencies are and where you can safely buy your first bitcoins. Why would you buy your bitcoin from a broker and why on a cryptocurrency exchange, and how do you create an account on an exchange? You will also receive answers to these questions. In addition, we will discuss how you can store your cryptocurrencies as safely as possible. For example, consider the difference in risk if you store your cryptocurrencies on an exchange instead of on a hardware wallet. The short e-book of Cryptohulp.nu also addresses a number of safety aspects that are more than once overlooked. For example, the use of a complex password, two factor authentication and an e-mail specifically for cryptocurrency activities is a must! In short, through the e-book you could make your first cryptocurrency purchases in a wiser and more secure way.

Remote help

If you still have questions after reading the e-book? Then Cryptohulp.nu offers a private chat group for those who have purchased the digital book. In this chat group the people behind Cryptohulp.nu can talk to you and there can be a discussion with the community.

So are you about to buy your cryptocurrency first and can you use some help and guidance to get started as safely as possible? Then surf to cryptohulp.nu for a solid start!

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