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19 August 2022
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Bitcoin (BTC) Miner Hut 8 Approved by NASDAQ, Microstrategy’s Saylor Foresees New Listings

Hut 8 Mining Corporation confirms that its shares are approved for listing on world’s second largest exchange, the NASDAQ

Hut 8 Mining Corporation (TSX: HUT) is among the oldest and most advanced cryptocurrency mining giants of North America. Today, its stocks are available on Toronto Stock Exchange while a NASDAQ listing is in the cards.

Crypto miners Hut 8 approved by NASDAQ’s top tier

According to the official announcement by Hut 8’s team, its common shares have been approved for listing on the NASDAQ. The company has shared this in its main Twitter account.

ANNOUNCEMENT 👉HUT 8 APPROVED✅ to list on the NASDAQ GLOBAL SELECT MARKET. The highest Tier of NASDAQ. Trade date details will be provided shortly. 🌏🚀🚀🚀 @JaimeLeverton @Hut8Mining https://t.co/BJ9WEQi6iX

— Hut 8 Mining (@Hut8Mining) June 10, 2021

Namely, Hut 8 shares will be avaliable on the Nasdaq Global Select Market, which is the highest tier among all NASDAQ offerings. Accurate details of the listing will be disclosed.

Shares will be available under the ticker “HUT.” The same ticker will still be used for the company’s shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: HUT).

Also, HUT shares can be traded via “over-the-counter” board OTCQX. This offering is ranked 11th (of 10,000) on the 2021 OTCQX® Best 50 list.

Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor foresees new listings

Founder and CEO of Microstrategy, the flagship pro-Bitcoin corporation in the U.S and the largest corporate buyer of the first cryptocurrency, congratulates Hut 8 Corp. with this approval.

He is sure that many more Bitcoin (BTC) miners will see their stocks listed by U.S. stock exchanges. This, in turn, will strengthen the positions of Bitcoin (BTC) itself:

The next stage of #Bitcoin development will see many Bitcoin miners come public in the United States, providing an added layer of security, integrity & durability to bitcoin. Congratulations to @Hut8Mining.

At press time, Microstrategy (MSTR) is holding more than 92,000 Bitcoins (BTC) on its balance sheet, or 0.43% of its total liquid circulating supply.

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