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7 December 2023
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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rocketing Like Non Stop Nonsense

The price of the Bitcoin (BTC) at the time of writing has been skyrocketing to 30K and more.  So, it just looks like the crazy predictions made by Bitcoin Evangelists might show up very soon.  The numbers are already making a blast.   The current situation is like super volatility.  And, those who invested early on when the BTC touched the lowest numbers are partying hard this New Year with this Number.

Whether the current Bull Run will last is not the point in discussion.  A bull is a bull and those who trusted it should know how to balance their expectations and greed by either selling or holding to see if the price will propel even higher.

Bitcoin is beginning to threaten gold advocates.  Not to be surprised if the price doubles, triples or goes Tetris. Regulators are already alert. Taxes and auditing are going to take the top discussion for those who cash out profits.  Those who do not trust in BTC are warning that the price will touch zero. However, it cannot be surprising if more of zeros will be added.

Commenting, Sina Estavi, CEO of Bridge Oracle tweeted:  “It just looks like the Bitcoin (BTC) price is rocketing like nonstop nonsense.  The progress looks lot better than Gold.”

Whether it will pull back, fall down, or consolidate is story next, but now it is crazy volatility and those who know how to make the hay while the sun shines are continuing to be doing it.

There are yet another group of apprehensive investors who are not yet invested in BTC and are wondering about what will be the right price point to start with.

Will the price of Bitcoin comfortably go past $100,000 by December 2021? We need to wait and see.  The whole year might probably be like a ride on the roller coaster for Bitcoin Investors.

Bitcoin (BTC) Might Attract New Curbs

The SEC is watching and regulators from across the world are watching the market cap of Bitcoin go crazy high and they are ready to step in to curb its power.  A battle field or cold war between the cryptocurrency space and regulators soon.

The Bitcoin dominance and the complete freedom away from government looks like is getting real. But, If nations decide to unite together to decide on how to control people making value work for them by bypassing governments – it need not appear like a surprise.

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