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8 May 2021
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Bitcoin (BTC) Reddit: Bitcoin Symbol, ₿ now available in Google Keyboard

This week in the r/bitcoin subreddit, memes take the top position with Jamie Dimon as the celebrity. As the Bitcoin bearish market continues, many are calling it a bullish run as Google introduces the BTC symbol, ₿ in its keyboard. Bitcoin themed cafes and other eateries accepting BTC as payment are also seen in the r/bitcoin spotlight.

Here is a small overview.

Find the ₿ symbol on your Google Keyboard

Google has made available the use of the Bitcoin symbol, ‘₿’ in its keyboard. This however, has only been available for iOS users. By long pressing the ‘$’ sign on the board, a long list of several notable currencies appear, one of which is the BTC symbol, ₿.

Dimon gains Popularity in Memes

One of the most significant news of this week has been the adoption of a crypto coin by one of the largest banks of America, JP Morgan Chase. Jamie Dimon, the chairman of the bank has been long considered as a severe critic of Bitcoin calling it as a “fraud”; as the events unfolded this week leading to the coming of the stable coin, JPM by the bank, reddit users around the globe have not been going easy on Dimon as they make and share memes.

Memes taking over

This week in r/bitcoin, memes have rather gained popularity. Here is another trending one:

Bicoin Themed Cafes Popping up Across the Globe

Kenya is one of the few African countries that have a more friendly policy towards cryptocurrencies thank others. However, along with the popularity for Bitcoin as a way of investment, people are also enjoying having meals in a cafe themed on Bitcoin called, The Bitcoin Lounge. The cafe accepts payments in BTC along with cash.

Meanwhile, another reddit user spots a bar in Thailand that accepts payments in BTC.

Bitcoin as the declaration of Independence

A tweet saying “Bitcoin’s whitepaper is the the tech Declaration of Independence for finance and data!” has apparently gained more popularity on reddit than on twitter. Among the reddit users, many agree to the statement.

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