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24 March 2023
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‘Bitcoin (BTC) Suppresses Dissenting Voices And Promotes Censorship Eliminating Liberty’: Crypto Startup Investor, Roger Ver

Roger Ver, the personality included among the very first bitcoin startup investors, presents the crypto king, the bitcoin in a rather queer fashion as he suggests the bitcoin promotes the likes of censorship and keeping down the voices that vary the usual trends and the public opinion. This is alarming for the crypto that is set to turn out to be the next regulated global currency. Ver suggests that in case people want to avoid the absurd situations like aforementioned ones, the options does not bear bitcoin in them as by far the most highly discriminating crypto pool has been for bitcoin. There must be open discussions with leniency for the one propose a different opinion or have differing school of thought. This will take a serious toll over the major adoption for bitcoin as more people start pouring in to conduct a quick check, they will leave on bad terms with the crypto. The financial sovereignty and the liberty can be sought out of the bitcoin cash or any other crypto, other than bitcoin. BlockPublisher got the chance to further carry on the conversation and get out some remarks from the man.

People who savour censorship and the varying opinion knocked down should go for Bitcoin. Liberty, financial sovereignty and open discussions are all dandy in cryptos like Bitcoin Cashor any crypto other than Bitcoin. This is strange that Bitcoin has gathered a greater pool of supporters even though the negativities included.

Roger Ver is among the very first bitcoin startup investors and has been a bitcoin fan but lately as bitcoin cash forked out, giving out the likes of bitcoin SV and many others, Ver picked on to a fork and piled up with the desired features came up with his own crypto.

Ver is somewhat correct in his judgement of bitcoin as in order to gather a giant pool of supporters and users, one must disclose any information without any personal grudge and must bury the hatchet, if any. This can land bitcoin giant leaps forward to the crypto mass adoption which is key in further promoting the coin to contend with the fiats.

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