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27 March 2023
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Bitcoin is a Delusion’, The $100 Billion Warren Buffet is Sitting On, Definitely Is!

Everybody likes a popular buzzword, and the buzzwords, they like it when people talk about them. And just like that, this week in the limelight stands Warren Freaking Buffet. And this time, he’s trying to strike the iron when it’s a little too hot.

We are hoping his own thick reserve is doing fine, or could it be that he’s trying to influence the market to stack up even more? What can we say, well, everybody loves to ride a popular wave, people think that it adds to their personality and keeps them relevant if it’s not money that triggered his sour feelings for bitcoin?

He called Bitcoin a delusion, how imaginative of him.

Because Morning Mr. Buffet, hoping you have had your morning coffee and your brain cells wake up by the time you read this because our entire monetary-fiscal system is a delusion, what in the fuck’s land are you trying to get at?

Money is a Social Construct.

Yep, there-there, we said it. Money means nothing and yet it turns this world into a dog eat dog world. Funny right? Not for all those who lose because there is no light at the end of the tunnel for them. Capitalism drives individuals crazy and big companies crazier, it justifies all social costs of an activity and ensures that the returns are higher and higher than ever, while this means more power for companies and people who own them, the lowest strata first and then up towards the higher ones on the food chain get affected and inflicted with thick damage every step of the way.

Money can buy power, power buys more money. This is our financial system in a nutshell.

We see a ton of banks to choose from around us, but, what is the use when they all operate the same old incompetent, cartel-like way? A shameless and almost legit legal cartel, mind you.

But, intrinsically money means nothing. We can argue that money is a promise that the government gives us, but in reality and in the ugly af truth of it, money is a scam. Money is debt that the government owes to the bank, (read as the existence of money is just based on an agreement between the government and the central bank, where the government swears that it exists, although the creation of money only means inflation and devaluation of the existing money.)

Thus, the entire notion of money meaning something at all is delusional, we have been sold a bunch of papers that are printed the same way as rest, and that had us think that we actually own some rich shit.

We socially conditioned into thinking that money has value.

Whereas, in reality it is all a game of monopoly, where the bank is the only player that never loses, the businesses that grow and strengthen their holds are second best but, at the end of the day, it all means nothing, except the smoke and ashes that remain from all the breath invested in fueling and satisfying greed, consumerism, consumption, acquisition, diplomacy, hunger, and immortality.

Fiat is a lie. But, a destructive one.

Banks are designed to fail, they have in the past and nothing is being done differently to prevent them from failing again. The banking system is the biggest bubble maker there is and the kind that can not sustain its own lie without the government support. A throwback to the Leeman Brothers Bailout 2008? Wow time flies, and it certainly has for those banks which are trying to move more and more money around, giving people loans, hoping the loans are never repaid to them, hoping all the profits stack up and compound interest higher, not acting differently at all. It is like they are more fearless than ever, also shameless.

People are enslaved in what Marx calls a false consciousness, and this state keeps them running on the hamster wheel, where they achieve nothing, exhaust themselves, and consume what they get to a beyond ad nauseam stage.

Is Warren Buffet a Hater or Genius?

He has previously called the revolutionary digital money “probably rat poison squared”,  A “mirage,” “not a currency,” and “tulips”. But, can we blame him, people of his age are usually no longer capable to adapt to change as promptly as the newer blood. His experience though, has pushed him to own more than a $100bn himself, but for a man of his accord, that could entirely be for the sake of jokes, right? Wrong. He is a businessman, has been, always will be. To build an empire is not an ordinary thinkers fate. It takes a lot of twisting, turning and melting to build something as large as his reign. His autobiography is proof that it has never been an easy or simple task.

He could be a hater, but in the world of tech and profit-seeking, he knows better than that. There can not be anything Neanderthal about a genius after all. We would all like to believe that his insight is divine, but, it would be too naive to think that he shares his insight with anyone at all truthfully, fairly and clearly enough, especially unless it suits his motive he does not.

To be fair though, it could be the phobia of something new as well, who knows, everybody is entitled to their set of secrets.

Nevertheless, not to forget that he happens to be a human living example of white-nerved-male-privilege, can’t really expect a person who hasn’t had to think about being rejected by the banking system to understand what is wrong with it, can we?

Is Bitcoin terrible or Mythical?

Bitcoin is a work of art in the post-2008 world. Where governments are intentionally brought down through debt and money mechanics and countries are driven to starvation and poverty, and all that the public gets is leftovers from the ruling elite in the iron city and promises to be sent to Salem; Bitcoin can really save everyone.

Bitcoin does not discriminate, it does not hurt people, it does not tell people that they are unbankable because they are immigrants, or because their nation is war struck, or because they are too young or too old. It does not let centralization take over and make the public and its price go bonkers. It is ruled by laws, laws that are designed to overcome what banks do, the intelligent craftsmanship allows it to be a useful tool and not a profit-seeking-self-whoring-business that has no principles or moral aesthetics whatsoever.

It is transparent, and what we like to think about money, is true about bitcoin. Bitcoin is based on demand and supply, but the model cannot be rigged for pleasing factors within and outside the state, the currency has no king, no one to play with its strings, it is free, liberated and that is exactly what scares people.

Nobody would want their favorite banks to go out of business or make lesser money off off the misinforming loan forbearance and debt stacking policies, after all, it is too non-capitalistic after all.

Change is inevitable. The juxtaposition is not to put forth an idealist vendetta or a motivate you to think about being on the moral high ground in a world of clusterfuck cow dung, it is to rekindle your imagination and stir something in you. Say what did you feel it? Not to shame anyone. Oops if you felt a little ashamed, everyone is a little bound to, no?

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