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25 February 2024
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Bitcoin News Today – Headlines for July 15

  • About 70% of crypto fans on Twitter believe Bitcoin would trade over its ATM by the end of 2021
  • Investors and analysts have high expectation for Bitcoin in the next 12-18 months
  • Analysts release bullish Bitcoin price predictions

Bitcoin News Today – Since Bitcoin topped out at its all-time high close to $10k, investors and traders have been asking when the digital currency is going to hit that level again. It has been more than two years now since the digital currency tested that level, and it has not even come close to breaching that level since then.

Recently, a prominent digital currency analyst carried out a poll. The result of the poll shows that many crypto enthusiasts believe that Bitcoin (BTC) would soon trade over its all-time high of $20k.

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About 70 Percent of Crypto Twitter Believes Bitcoin Will Soon Surpass $20k

Recently, PlanB – a pseudonymous Bitcoin analyst – conducted a poll on Twitter. He asked his Twitter follower their thoughts about the 12-18 months price outlook of Bitcoin. More than 13,000 people responded to the poll, and 69.6 percent of them said that they believe the price of Bitcoin will surge over $20k by the end of 2021.

About 17 percent of the respondents said that they believe Bitcoin will remain beneath that ever-important price point. The remaining 13 percent said they are not too sure. The takeaway of the analyst is that this could turn out bullish for the digital currency market.

“70% thinks bitcoin will be >$20K next 12-18 months. This either means that price will shoot to $14K (70% * $20K) soon, or that my followers are a bit more optimistic about BTC price than current buyers and sellers on markets.”

Many Crypto Investors Expect Bitcoin to Be Trading Over $20k by the End Of 2021

A greater percentage of PlanB’s followers are in good company. What this means is that majority of them are prominent names in the digital currency space, and they are expecting the digital currency to set new highs in the coming year. Back in March, Raoul Paul – the former head of hedge fund sales division at Goldman Sachs – said that Bitcoin will surge to its $20k high by the end of next year.

The former Goldman Sachs’ executive later attributed this thought process to a series of factors, including the halving of Bitcoin, societal discourse, the newly minted currencies by central banks, and many more.


Mike McGlone – the senior commodity analyst at Bloomberg is also bullish. Sometime last month, he said that if Bitcoin follows the bath it took after in the previous halving in 2016, it would be trading over the $20k mark by the end of this year. Many analysts and investors are expecting Bitcoin to trade over $20k by the end of this year or next.

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