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9 December 2021
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Brazilian company launches app to calculate Bitcoin and crypto ETFs Income Tax

Startup Grana Capital announced that its application aimed at calculating Income Tax now also includes investments in cryptocurrencies through ETFs offered at B3.

In addition to ETFs, the tool also covers stocks, real estate funds, BDRs and options.

Crypto ETFs have gained traction as investors seek uncomplicated options for exposure to digital currencies. In Brazil alone, this type of investment has already moved R$ 153 billion up to August this year.


The five cryptoactive ETFs available at B3, launched between April and August, already accumulate more than BRL 3 billion in assets under management.

Since last year, the increase of individuals operating in B3 has been exponential. Currently, there are almost 4 billion CPFs willing to operate variable income. It is, therefore, a growth of more than 43% in the number of investors in the first half of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020.

According to the data, more than 1 million people declared investing in variable income for the first time in this year’s IR.


Income tax

Grana Capital CEO André Kelmanson defends the importance of keeping your taxes up to date. In this sense, he believes that information is a powerful ally for investors in this regard.

“Grana automates the entire IR process, making life easier for investors. Throughout the year, we record everything that will be necessary when filing and calculating the tax. The information provided by stock brokers does not usually include everything that is necessary for a complete declaration”, he says.

Also according to him, Grana has a direct connection with the B3 system. Thus, it records every movement made by the investor. This way, the customer doesn’t even need to import the brokerage notes into the app.


As Kelmanson explained, with the tax reform going through the Senate, variable income ETFs are taxed at 15% on earnings.

In addition, there is no exemption for individuals on sales of less than R$20,000 per month. Fixed income ETFs, in turn, are taxed directly at source.

Whenever an investor sells a variable income ETF, he must issue and pay the Federal Revenue Collection Document (DARF) corresponding to that month.


The payment of this tax is independent of IRPF, Income Tax charged annually by the Federal Revenue.

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