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Crypto Traders Using The ‘Directional Movement Index’ Technical Indicators Show A Bitcoin Bitcoin Bull Run In The Making

Altcoins are cryptocurrencies that came to be as alternatives to Bitcoin. They were invented in order to deal with some of Bitcoin’s issues, offer a better service, or be used in a different way. While they started appearing as soon as Bitcoin started gaining attention (and value), the real surge of altcoins started in the last few years, especially after ICOsbecame popular.

As a result, there is currently more than 2,000 active coins in the crypto market, as well as a number of coins that are considered dead. Not to mention scams, weak projects that never took off, and more. If all of these projects were legitimate and successful, the number of altcoins today might be a lot higher.

Since BTC issues seem to be set in stone, at least at this time in crypto history, many are still looking at altcoins in order to find a proper, functioning replacement. Because of this, it is important to choose the right coin, and in order to do that, investors need to know which coins have the best teams behind them. A good, professional team increases the chances of coin’s survival, as they know what they are doing, and how to do it. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the strongest teams in the crypto space right now.

Ethereum’s Team

Ethereum is the second largest coin by market cap, being bested only by Bitcoin itself. It is also the most important altcoin in crypto history, as it brought the additional possibilities of blockchain technology to developers’ attention. In a way, Ethereum has inspired the creation of new altcoins just as much as Bitcoin itself, which is certainly something that its team will be remembered for, for as long as the crypto world continues to function.

However, the coin’s team did not stop there, and they continue to improve and make ETH better at all times. In fact, ETH network is about to receive several new upgrades in the following days, one of which will likely significantly impact its scalability.

ETH team’s public face has always been Vitalik Buterin. However, he believes that it is vital for him to step down from this position in order for ETH to become more than what it currently is.

Litecoin’s Team

Bitcoin has had numerous blocks over the previous decade, but Litecoin is the first one to become well-known, and also one of a few that are still relevant today. It emerged in 2011, which was a difficult period for altcoins, as people were mostly unaware of their very existence at the time. However, LTC brought several changes that improved multiple aspects of Bitcoin, and it managed to carve its own path.

It was created by Google’s former employee, Charlie Lee. According to its very design, Litecoin was supposed to complement BTC, and these days, it is often used to see how certain new implementations might work in BTC ecosystem.

Despite being a fork of BTC, Litecoin managed to attract a lot of professional developers to its project, in addition to Lee. Other big names include Zing Yang, Xinxi Wang, Franklyn Richards, and many others.

Monero’s Team

Many already know Monero as one of the most popular privacy coins out there. The need for online privacy is one of the largest reasons thy Monero became so popular, as it can hide transaction details such as the identity of involved parties, the amount that is being sent, and alike. Of course, as a privacy coin in an industry that promotes transparency, it is often frowned upon.

The governments around the world also oppose this and other privacy coins, as they are making it difficult for them to monitor who does what in the crypto space. Even so, Monero is still managing to survive and function, and over time, it attracted voluntary developers, core developers, and others who managed to make this one of the most decentralized coins with one of the most decentralized teams in the crypto space.

Cardano’s Team

Cardano is the coin which has one of the best development teams in the crypto space, and it is well aware of that fact. Similarly to Ethereum, Cardano is also dedicated to enabling its coin holders to create and make use of dApps and smart contracts. One of the main differences between the two lies in the fact that Cardano is the coin of the third generation of crypto, while ETH is the main representative of the second generation.

In addition, Cardano aims to solve some of the largest issues that still trouble countless blockchain projects, including interoperability, scalability, sustainability, governance, and alike. It is led by Charles Hoskinson, who used to be a part of Ethereum’s own development team, prior to leaving due to disagreements with the rest of ETH of the developers.

Lisk’s Team

Lisk is a lesser-known coin compared to others on this list. It currently holds the rank of 35th largest coin by market cap, and it serves as a platform that provides dApps. While it is not among the top coins, it is still quite notable and known for making the right moves thanks to its very competent team.

Binance Coin’s Team

Next, we have Binance Coin, a native token of the world’s largest crypto exchange. BNB is a utility token that is used for paying the platform’s fees, such as listing fees, exchange fees, and withdrawal fees. Obviously, the coin plays quite a large role on the Binance platform, and there are certain benefits to using it, such as discounts and alike.

Considering the success that the platform itself has made in the last several years, it is of a small surprise that its coin has been very successful and appreciated as well. Its team is made up of professionals who understand their customers’ needs, which is why this particular coin has mostly made right moves during its relatively short history.

QuarkChain’s Team

Finally, there is QuarkChain, which is one of the coins dedicated to speed and achieving a high number of transactions per second. At the moment, its blockchain can already handle hundreds of thousands of TPS, and many see this project’s solutions as very beneficial to the crypto world in general.

Most of its team is made out of Google’s and Facebook’s former employees who developed quite a lot of interest in blockchain technology, which is a guarantee that these are developers who know what they are doing.

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