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Digitex Futures Launches Beta Version of Its Commission-Free Bitcoin Futures Exchange

Looking at the history of Bitcoin, nothing is more intriguing and exciting than large movements of Bitcoin Whales. These are the 10 largest whale movements in the history of Bitcoin. 

There is just something fascinating about whales moving millions of dollars over the blockchain in a thirty minute period with minimal transaction fees. Bitcoin transactions continue to grow in size due to exchanges becoming bigger, and more money flowing into the market. In this article, we look at some of the biggest transactions of whales in the Bitcoin history.

While it has become a more common occurrence for whales to move thousands of BTC at a time, we have done our best to locate the 10 largest BTC transactions on the blockchain. The list is based on BTC size, not USD size. We have decided to leave cryptocurrency exchange hacks out of this list but saved these for a special mention at the end

10.  66,233 BTC – 3 Dec 2018

Coming in at number 10, is a transaction in December 2018 for 66,233 BTC, totaling $257M at the time of writing. The interesting thing about this transaction is that the Bitcoin whale went on to deposit 660 BTC into 100 other Bitcoin addresses. Those addresses don’t appear to be working addresses.

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9.  69,471 BTC – 9 April 2013

Number 9 is a transaction dating back to 2013. The whale transferred 69,471 BTC. The total price for this transaction in 2013 was valued at $16.39M. The majority of the funds minus a few Bitcoin remain in the wallet to this day, currently worth $266.6M.

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8. 79,956 BTC – 1 March 2011

Number 8 is the oldest transaction on the list, dating back to March 2011. This transaction saw a total of 79,956 BTC with an estimated value back then of $77,000. All the Bitcoin remain in this wallet today, with a market value today of $290.7M.
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7. 85,947 BTC – 1 July 2018

This July 2018 movement of 85,947 Bitcoin is currently still sitting in the wallet. This balance has seen a decrease in USD value of $235M from its price original value when it was moved, which was $547M.

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6. 92,082 BTC – 1 Dec 2015

This transaction appears to be a Bitstamp cold wallet. The 92,082 BTC was moved into the wallet, which could have simply been the exchange grouping client funds into a single address. The value at the time was a measly $34M. The address currently holds over 100,000 Bitcoin with recent transactions going out and in.

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5. 109,234 BTC – 20 November 2018

Binance is no strangers to massive whale moves, so it shouldn’t be surprising that one of their wallets appears on the list. This 109,234 transaction originally occurred last year November, however, the same amount has since left the wallet as of 15 January 2019. The current value of this move is $400M, down from $491M when the funds were originally moved in November. Funds are SAFU!

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4. 130,004 BTC – 10 Jan 2019

Currently ranked as the second biggest Bitcoin bag on the blockchain rich list, this address recently moved $475M worth of BTC into this wallet where it currently remains.

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3. 180,000 BTC – 7 March 2014

Number three features several BTC moves from this whale wallet after the main transaction of 180,000 was received in March 2014. The $118M move is now valued at $658M. This wallet then divided the transaction into two smaller transactions of 94,559 BTC and 85,440 BTC. These have not been included in the list. The transactions continue to split in two until single digit BTC is found in each address. This address could possibly have been involved in illegal activity.

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2. 194,993 BTC – 22 Nov 2013

Bitstamp shows up again on the list for a transaction to one of its now-defunct addresses. The transaction labeled “Bitstamp Audit” saw 194,993 BTC move around. A hefty $149M back in 2013 made this a monumental move. The same amount today is valued at $748M.

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1. 500,000 BTC – 16 Nov 2011

Number one takes the top spot by miles. The November 2011 transaction saw 500,000 BTC moved to a single address. At the time the funds were sent, the value was $1.32M. The total haul in today’s price estimates $1.8B in value. The wallet soon after moved the funds out in what looks like an attempt to wash the bitcoins. Part of illegal activity or just a very active whale?

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Special mentions:

Cryptocurrency exchange hacks have seen some massive whale moves from hackers moving funds out of exchange wallets. One of the most popular was the Mt. Gox hack which saw over 650,000 BTC hacked from the exchange. According to reports, the funds were stolen over a period of time from the Mt.Gox hot wallet. In an early 2011 transaction, 429,935 BTC is leaving the MT.Gox Wallet totaling $1.13M back then. At the time of writing, that amount of Bitcoin would be valued at over $1.3 billion.

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BitFinex also suffered a hack of 120,000 BTC in August 2016, however, the Bitcoin address is currently unknown.

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