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26 March 2023
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Ethereum Blacklisted by Google Adsense

Google, Google (NASDAQ 🙂 Ads on the advertising platform, Ethereum (ETH) keyword ads were reported blacklisted. Decenter, the start of intelligent contract control tweeted on January 10th.

The official Google Adsense account responded to the tweet, which states that the crypto-money exchanges targeting the United States and Japan may be announced on the platform, but that the crypto-money exchanges targeting other countries may be the reason for the rejection of their ads.

When Decenter announced that they were a group of developers conducting intelligent contract security audits and saw an error message trying to use the gör ethereum development services aya and eler ethereum security audits güvenlik keywords, Google Ads’ official account replied:

”While we may not be able to pre-verify whether your keyword is eligible to trigger ads, we recommend that you refer to the doğru Crypto Currencies eye section of our financial products and services policy.“

After a clear question about Google Ads policy changes claimed in Reddit, Decenter, the Ethereum community, the team said:

None of the keywords in our campaigns that contain hata ethereum) are shown as ads (since January 9) and are currently showing the following error report. Kamp

He also said that Decenter had also tested keywords for im ethereum smart contract controls yalnızca and et eos smart contract controls belir for Reddit claims, and that only the keyword ”ayrıca was showing ads.

The first comment in the Reddit publication says Google criticizes the position as a neutral third party:

Iler Google has a variety of political and economic agendas and is very willing to use a variety of services to promote their preferences. Besides AdSense and Youtube, there were some events in the game store. AdSense

In March last year, Google banned all types of crypto-money advertising in June 2018, according to a recent update to the Financial Services policy.

However, in September 2018, Google announced that it would change its advertising policy in October and enabled some crypto businesses to advertise. So, after the changes made, Google allows crypto money ads to be shown in the United States and Japan.

Ethereum, Black Ads Listed by Google Adsense, was first published on CoinAdam.

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