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Here’s Why Some Men Don’t Understand #MeToo, Nor Bitcoin Khunsha Javed January 23, 2019

Let me take you to a world where things are simpler, this world has only two kinds of people, two kinds of men.

There are two types of men, (mass generalization, close your eyes if you are faint-hearted), the kind who loves bitcoin and the other who hate it. People who love bitcoin are the ones who know what the future is about, technology and rising above hate and marginalization.

The ones who love bitcoin know how complex things are too complicated to mess up and when the damage is done, it is done and there is no going back. It is best to be careful when confused.

The other kind hates bitcoin. Hate is a strong word but, not for these people. They rarely think deep, they fear change, they are insensitive, they think doing new things makes them weak, they are unable to cope with global needs and what their kids or baby cousins or coworkers want them to learn since its not their fault that they have been at a weaker and unfortunate edge all their life. Never is too late for people to learn, but, maybe for these people, it is. They fail to appreciate the beauty in change, in compensating for what humanity had been missing all this time, to be good with newer and better ideas by welcoming them.

They are themselves complicated, sad and lost people. They are trapped in their own mind palaces where they are both, the victim and the attacker, attacking their own self.

Bitcoin is above us all. It is not one currency, one term, one brand, it highlights a longer race, a bigger struggle, a huge banner and big things of a united world, where once mass adopted it will change the way we see bourgeoisie.

Blockchain and cryptos make capitalism seem viable and fit for all after all.

The #Metoo campaign started off small, but the devastating absence of a better system had it springing higher than the Arab spring, in the whole wide world, where men, women and some of the most shocking names were brought out. While it is nowhere necessary that a bitcoin lover is also a #Metoo or feminism supporter, it is true that these are the kind of people who have the tendencies to understand what change is all about and vice versa. Thus, the oversimplification. Cheers! Spread love, not hate.

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