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26 September 2023
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Indian youth nabbed after buying drugs with bitcoin from dark web

Bad actors are taking advantage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to ship-in drugs and other illegal items from dark marketplaces. However, law enforcement agencies are not getting weary either, in apprehending these people. In the case today, an Indian youth was caught after buying drugs with Bitcoin.

24yo Indian arrested after buying drugs with Bitcoin 

report from the Times of Indian on Monday informed that the 24-year-old K Rahman was caught in the act of buying drugs with Bitcoin. The drugs in question were ecstasy pills, which is illegal to be possessed or sold in the country, according to the report. He managed to order the drugs from Germany through the dark web.

Sources quoted in the report disclosed that the drugs were confiscated by the drug law enforcement officers at the FPO after it arrived from Germany with a false address in July. An investigation team led by Narcotics Control Bureau’s Bangalore zonal director, Amit Ghawate began investigating for the receiver.

Over 25k traded for drugs with Bitcoin 

One of the investigating officers commented:

“Following a tip, we inspected the parcel on July 31 and found two hidden packets containing grey- and brown-coloured pills weighing 159 grams. Lab reports revealed they were ecstasy pills aka molly, psychoactive recreational drugs made from methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), a banned substance in India.”

Rahman was later arrested after a 19-days investigation. The probe carried out showed that Rahman might have been buying drugs with Bitcoin for a long time. More than 750 ecstasy pills were confiscated from him. It was calculated that the totalled up to Rs 20 lakh (i.e., $26,735). He is currently in the custody of Narcotics Control Bureau, the country’s drug law enforcement and intelligence agency.

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