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26 September 2023
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Million-Dollar Bitcoin Whale Says Traders Should Track Two Altcoins in Addition to BTC

An outspoken Bitcoin whale who rarely shows affection for anything other than BTC says two crypto assets have potential.

The pseudonymous trader known as Joe007 says UNUS SED LEO (LEO) may be a solid pick for investors looking to diversify their crypto portfolio.

“In a sane world, extremely low correlation by LEO would make it a desirable diversification instrument when it comes to constructing crypto portfolios. But of course, crypto traders are too busy chasing the latest shitcoin-du-jour pump to even take a notice.”

Source: Twitter

LEO is an ERC20 utility token that operates on the Ethereum and EOS blockchains. LEO holders enjoy multiple benefits on the crypto exchange Bitfinex including taker fee reduction, lending fee reduction, and discounts on crypto and fiat deposits and withdrawals.

Joe, who is known for placing large bets on the crypto exchange Bitfinex, says another coin on his list is Binance Coin (BNB). The trader says the token offers a use case that sets it apart from other crypto assets.

Binance Coin is a utility token issued by crypto exchange Binance. BNB holders get discounts when using the coin to pay for trading fees on Binance and Binance DEX. Holders can also use BNB to pay for goods and services to select merchants.

Because demand for both BNB and LEO is driven in part by the performance of their respective crypto exchanges, Joe says they have an additional potential use case aside from simply being a digital form of money.

“I wouldn’t consider LEO or BNB shitcoins, actually – as they are not trying to be money (‘coins’) in the first place. If anything, they are equity-like centralized crypto assets.”

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