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Opgepast: Bitcoin, Ripple en Ethereum Crashen opnieuw

Is it reasonable to buy Ripple in 2019? The high volatility in the crypto market is causing many crypto investors to feel uncomfortable with crypto money. But most investors are looking at Ripple (XRP). Here are the reasons for ünde Here are 10 reasons to buy Ripple in 2019

1.Ripple Transaction Protocol XRP is available in the Ripple Transaction Protocol. This means that the XRP is not only used as a digital currency, but is also used for money and information processing. Ripple simplifies these transactions by performing monetary payments through a digital channel. (See: Ethereum Classic sent the hacker a $ 100,000 ETC back to the Gate.io stock exchange) – (see: Bitcoin whales coming into the middle to intervene.) both sides may have access to a secure channel that may pose a potential threat.

3. Ripple’s partnership with banks The use of crypto coins is increasing. However, it is not possible for crypto currencies to replace the fiat currency-based banking system. Ripple also took great steps in this field so far. MUFG, BBVA, SEB, Akbank, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, SBI Remit, Cambridge Global Payments, Star One Credit Union, eZforex’ın signed an agreement with approximately 100 banks. These agreements may make the first digital currency accepted by many financial institutions of the XRP.


4. Developer team Many digital currency units are unable to progress. Because leaders cannot choose developers or methods that will make tokens attractive to investors and partnerships. Ripple is very good about this company as a company quickly attracts venture capital investors and large investors.

5. Corporate investors In 2015, Ripple raised $ 55 million from venture capital investors in a single round of financing, including Google and Apple. These companies invested in Ripple to simplify and secure payment transactions. And Ripple is also getting investment from venture capitalists.

6. Price Why should I buy Ripple in 2019? Because the fact that the XRP is traded at a relatively low price makes it one of the most attractive. Bitcoin’s price is too high for an average investor. Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are also not cheap to invest. XRP is currently trading at around $ 0.33. (See Medium and Short-term Ripple XRP price view)

rmed much better than most crypts. While XRP increased by more than 36,000%, Bitcoin ranked 14th in the list of best-performing currencies, slightly above 1,000%. The XRP has recorded a decline since then. But the rise of the XRP has shown how much it can grow. (See 2019 Ripple XRP price estimates.)

8. Technology The third generation has a blockchaine XRP, 4 seconds in the old SWIFT system was able to do the operations in 2 or 3 days. Before the Ethereum 2.0 update, it was able to take approximately 15 operations per second. Bitcoin performs approximately 7 transactions while the XRP is capable of performing 1500 transactions per second.

9. Availability It may be a good idea to buy Ripple in 2019, because Ripple XRP can be used on numerous crypto exchanges thanks to its popularity. Although Development Potential seems to pay more attention to the Ripple XCurrent tool, the use of xCurrent may also increase the use of XRP. Once the liquidity conditions are sufficient, financial institutions and banks may choose to switch to the XRapid vehicle, which indirectly uses the XRP. Also one of the goals of Ripple this year was to list the XRP in many exchanges. And he was able to do so. Even XRP has been added as a base currency to a lot of exchanges. To be listed in the stock exchanges and to be considered as base money will create more liquidity for the XRP. This may also be a reasonable reason to buy Ripple in 2019.

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