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2 June 2023
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Roger Ver’s Bitcoin.com YouTube Channel Gets Banned As The Purge Continues

YouTube continues to ban cryptocurrency-related channels. The latest victim happens to be Roger Ver’s Bitcoin.com official channel. Ver posted a video on Reddit, explaining that there’s no apparent reason for YouTube’s actions.

Bitcoin.com’s Official Channel Banned on YouTube

The official channel of Roger Ver’s Bitcoin.com was banned on YouTube, according to a Reddit video that he posted hours ago.

According to Ver, there’s no apparent reason for the actions of the world’s largest video content sharing platform.

“YouTube has banned the official Bitcoin.com YouTube official channel for basically no reason. I suspect probably a bunch of these Bitcoin Core anti-competition maximalists falsely reported the video saying “It’s a B-Cash scam” or some nonsense like that.”

He also asserted that there are a lot of fake videos on YouTube that advertise obvious cryptocurrency scams like those who impersonate Elon Musk and trying to rob people out of their ETH.

CryptoPotato recently reported that there was a scam running live on YouTube, which managed to steal about $150,000 worth of Bitcoin from its victims. The fake channel broadcasted recorded videos on fabricated Elon Musk SpaceX channels.You Might Also Like:

Ver added that he doesn’t know whether or not YouTube will reinstate Bitcoin.com’s main channel.

Time To Look at Other Options

This is definitely not the first time YouTube takes prohibitive actions against a cryptocurrency-oriented channel on its platform.

Multiple content creators from the field have complained that the platform has flagged or downright taken off their videos and channels without any proper explanation. Back in 2019, the platform said that the crypto-ban was a mistake and that the affected videos were getting restored. However, the stories keep repeating themselves.

This has caused a discussion among the community of whether or not it’s not time to consider a decentralized solution. That’s also what Ver reiterated in his video.

“Now seems like the right time to start exploring other options,” – he said, citing some blockchain-based content sharing platforms.

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