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25 June 2024
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Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Creator Hits a ‘New Hilarious Low’ with Mt. Gox Reference

The end of the Craig Wright and Satoshi drama is near. Wright and his law firm have finally moved for loss of Bitcoins after claiming for years that he is the creator of Bitcoin and has a million BTC with his. They have sent a letter to Bitcoin infrastructure company, Blockstream, claiming the ownership of Bitcoin, calling for them to stop working on the database as well.

According to leading crypto analysts, it is actually shameful for the law firm, SCA Onitier.ee representing Wright. Whalepanda (alias) tweeted,

I don’t even get how a real lawfirm would send such a letter. One is a mtgox stolen coins address. This is a new hilarious low.

Mt. Gox and Wright, What is the Relation?

For newbies to this space, Mt. Gox and Craig Wright ‘Faketoshi’ claims are probably two of the worst happenings in the history of ten years history of Bitcoin [BTC]. Nevertheless, they are separate events altogether.

The two addresses cited in the letter are:

The combined Bitcoin holdings of the two addresses cited in the letter are just over a billion USD (110,957.26 BTC) at the current price of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the larger of the two address (‘1Feex’) which holds around 80k Bitcoins is associated with the Mt. Gox. hack.Advertisement

Even if one is to believe that Wright’s addresses were stolen in the 2014 hack. The lawyers themselves claim a different story in the letter. According to them, Wright’s computer was hacked on 5th February 2020, when the hackers obtained access to the encrypted files, which apparently Wright could not access as well.

One statement from the letter reads,

Tulip owns the right to the name ‘Bitcoin’ and the Bitcoin database.

Samson Mow, the CSO of Blockstream tweeted,

Idiotic letter that #Faketoshi’s lawyers are sending around.

Indeed, if one tries to stake ownership claims on a public blockchain, questions are idiosyncrasies are bound to be raised.

As for now, it is positive news for Bitcoin’s price. The doubts around Wright dumping on the market, or claiming definite ownership over Bitcoin seems to have further faded away.

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