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2 April 2023
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What Do Coinbase Transfers Mean for Bitcoin (BTC) Price? Here’s What This Analyst Has to Say

With the recent surge in Bitcoin’s (BTC) price, investors and analysts are keeping a close eye on the movements of major crypto exchanges like Coinbase. According to CryptoQuant contributor AxelAdlerJr, large transfers from Coinbase to futures exchanges could be a key indicator of future Bitcoin price movement. AdlerJr notes that, historically, peaks in Coinbase transfers have coincided with major shifts in the Bitcoin market such as the beginning of the bull cycle in 2020 and the Terra implosion in 2022. The latest surge in transfers occurred in November 2022, following the FTX crash.

AdlerJr believes that this surge may have signaled the beginning of the current bull cycle as it became clear that the BTC price had hit a psychological bottom rather than a metric-based one. Bitcoin exchange inflows are on the decline, indicating a potential drop in the number of holders moving their coins to exchanges to sell, according to a recent tweet by Thomas Kralow, a blockchain analyst. This news comes as the cryptocurrency market cools down after a tumultuous few weeks. Further analysis by The Data Nerd, a prominent cryptocurrency data analyst, reveals that a large number of wallets holding Bitcoin are currently in loss, from $24,500 to $25,200.

Despite this, historically, the percentage of wallets in profit is high at 70%. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect some profit-taking soon, according to The Data Nerd. The implications of this shift in market sentiment are significant for investors and traders alike,

as it could signify a shift in the tides of the cryptocurrency market. While there is no guarantee that Bitcoin’s value will indeed increase, these developments could potentially set the stage for a positive trend in the coming weeks.

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