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8 December 2021
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Bitpanda launches a blockchain research and development hub

Bitpanda launches a remote blockchain research and development hub, the Blockchain Research & Development Hub. The structure is a candidate to be a focal point for uniting technology experts who can develop new interesting projects here, starting from a new generation investment platform 

Bitpanda will invest 10 million euros in two years , hiring 30 developers by 2021. They will have the task of developing ideas by exploiting the possibilities offered by the blockchain.

Bitpanda CTO Christian Trummer will also be part of this team . In total, the hub expects to host around 500 people who will be focused on developing proof-of-concept systems and ready-to-apply solutions. 

Bitpanda thus intends to contribute to fostering the adoption of the blockchain. 

As explained by Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad, CPO of Bitpanda, at the heart of this initiative is the continuous search for innovation, and to do so, the crypto exchange wants to make use of the best talents: 

“La tecnologia Blockchain è all’avanguardia dell’innovazione tecnologica, e questo è incredibilmente eccitante per il suo infinito potenziale in un’azienda come la nostra. I migliori ingegneri sono il fattore di differenziazione per le aziende tecnologiche, e con questa nuova tecnologia che sta emergendo come un campo dominante, stiamo puntando a unire e scatenare questi giocatori dirompenti lanciando un innovativo Blockchain Research & Development Hub. L’idea è quella di riunire gli ingegneri della blockchain – oltre i confini, le culture e i fusi orari – e metterli in grado di costruire la piattaforma di investimento che sta rivoluzionando l’industria finanziaria”.

Christian Trummer, CTO of Bitpanda, instead emphasized how the blockchain is becoming more and more important in people’s lives. This is leading to continued growth in its adoption: 

“At Bitpanda, we are focused on driving this wave of mainstream adoption, because we believe this is the technology of the future. I, personally, have been working in the Blockchain space since 2012; we then built a dedicated team fully focused on this technology in 2014, and I am incredibly excited to launch our Blockchain Research & Development Hub. These engineers will have all the resources necessary to bring a new level of innovation to Bitpanda’s customers ”.

Bitpanda’s golden year and the purpose of the blockchain hub

Bitpanda is considered to be an industry unicorn. It is based in Austria and has experienced vertical growth in 2020. It currently has 500 employees, 2.5 million users worldwide and offices in France, Spain, Turkey and Italy. 

With the blockchain research and development hub, Bitpanda takes a further step forward: it counts in this way to bring together the best experts in the world to design the technologies of the future, those that will be central to the world of finance. 

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