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BlockDAG Leaderboard Preview Feature Boosts Presale to $36M Amid Dogwifhat’s Losses & Declining XRP Value

While the XRP’s value sees consistent declines, with its RSI revealing a prolonged bearish trend, Dogwifhat news paints a grim picture for WIF, which suffered an alarming loss of 8% in just one week.

BlockDAG, on the other hand, has surged by 850%, with its price climbing to $0.0095 in just a few weeks. From a sensational display at Piccadilly Circus to its innovative Leaderboard Page that gamifies crypto investing, BlockDAG’s innovation and strategic marketing innovations have brought earnings worth $36 million during the platform’s ongoing presale.

XRP Value Retraced to $0.5281: Further Declines Ahead

Ripple (XRP) is currently battling with multiple challenges with XRP value seeing a retracement to $0.528. Despite a 1.68% rise in the previous week, the crypto saw a recent 0.95% drop, which may bring further declines in the coming weeks. XRP’s RSI and MACD also reveal bearish trends, with its RSI stooping below 50 points and MACD inching dangerously close to the bearish zone. XRP’s support levels remain at $0.5250 and $0.5185. If this bearish trend continues, the crypto may drop to $0.5015 or even $0.49. While Ripple’s recent surge came as a beacon of hope, the crypto’s RSI and MACD reveal a clear indication toward a long-term bearish trend.

Dogwifhat News: WIF Loses Over 8% in 7 Days

The Dogwifhat News doesn’t exude optimism either. WIF recently saw an alarming decline and struggles with an 8% loss that rained on the network last week. This loss hits Dogwifhat coin even harder since it is a Solana-based meme coin. Its other SOL-based peers such as BOME, PEPE, and BONK seem to perform particularly well in comparison. WIF has seen a drop below the crucial point of $3 support level, triggering extensive investor anxieties. If the coin drops below the support level of $2.50, it may further decline to $1.60.

BlockDAG’s Leaderboard Page Highlights Ranks

BlockDAG has been crowned as one of the top emerging crypto coins of the year, thanks to its record-breaking presale victory. One key contributor to this victory is the Leaderboard Page of BlockDAG’s newly updated dashboard. Designed to “gamify” crypto-investing experience for users, the Leaderboard has planted seeds of healthy competition within the community. This system has expanded BlockDAG’s investor-base exponentially, resulting in $36 million earnings from its ongoing presale.

Let’s break down how BlockDAG’s Leaderboard Page works. Once a user steps into this world, they witness the top 30 investors participating in the crypto’s presale. Every investor is given a specific position based on the number of BDAG coins they purchase. These ranks include Crab, Tortoise, Fish, Shark, and Whale – with Crab being the lowest rank and Whale being the highest. Anyone who invests between $0 to $99 acquires the Crab status, while achieving the Whale status demands an investment of $55,000 or more.

Because new users get to witness this competitive ranking system first-hand, along with BlockDAG’s ROI potential, they feel more motivated to “compete” in the presale. With predictions pointing at a massive 30,000x ROI and a limited supply of BDAG coins, BlockDAG’s Leaderboard Page continues to drive tsunamis of investors on a daily basis.

Investors have been feeling increasingly confident in BlockDAG’s scalability and sustainability thanks to its global marketing initiatives. For example, their recent display at the bustling Piccadilly Circus of London skyrocketed BlockDAG’s visibility in the crypto world. The event celebrated BlockDAG’s CoinMarketCap listing, placing it as a leader in the Block plus DAG landscape. BlockDAG is currently selling out fast at $0.0095 per coin in its presale batch 16. The platform has successfully sold over 10 billion BDAG coins.


With XRP and Dogwifhat in the dark throes of looming bearish trends, investors are flocking to cryptos that promise long-term stability and sustainability. This is where BlockDAG comes in. The platform’s Leaderboard Page gamifies crypto investing, inducing a healthy competition among investors. This feature, coupled with BlockDAG’s global marketing initiatives like the display in Piccadilly Circus, have helped the platform drive an 850% price surge in recent weeks. Currently priced at $0.0095 in batch 16 of its presale, experts predict BlockDAG to see a whopping 30,000x ROI.

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