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10 December 2022
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Cannabis Meets Blockchain: The Best Crossover Episode

With the current widespread adoption of cannabis has led to more adventures in this area. The exponential growth of both; the industry and the blockchain technology has resulted in them being a perfect duo. Within the pot industry, there is a growing demand for payment solutions, track, and traceability of crops and trust mechanism.

BitCanna is set out to solve each of these problems. It’s not something to be taken lightly because they are very serious about it. They have dedicated a team of 20 specialists to this task and are working in close collaboration with the cannabis industry and its global expansion.

They hope to remove the ‘shady image that it has and make it more accessible for recreational and medicinal purposes. This will help banks; credit cards companies and payment providers be more acceptable to the payments.

But for now, this is a dream far from reality. Even in places where it’s completely legal like recently, Canada made it legal and the much-known places like Amsterdam, are still struggling to improve its image. The reason for this it that due to a set perception, banks still won’t accept it and this just leads to inefficient and costly solutions such as high bank fees and cash transactions which only further cement the shady image that it has.

What BitCanna does

Well, by providing a decentralized payment network for the legal cannabis industry, by means of the BitCanna Coin, it will allow people to invest and make payments with fewer bank fees. The recreational will definitely be easy on your pockets.

It has already set up agreements with major European cannabis markets. This makes matters more legal and it doesn’t make it come off as an underground drug blockchain. Which will result in people buying it as they know that what they’re doing isn’t illegal.

By implementing the supply chain management and a trust and reputation layer, it will create a healthy and safe environment to operate in.

Furthermore, it also claims to be able to process transactions using BitCanna token almost instantaneously and for a far less fee. Cherry-on-top, it also lets vendors manage their supply chains and records all customer identification data. So you never have to worry about someone running away with your money and there’s no delay in payments.

Sounds like a safe and professional environment to get all your drugs.

We live by this motto.

No lurking around the corner of the street or coming up with a fake name or deepening your voice so it is not traceable. No more asking your male friends to get you drugs because the dealer will then be less likely to judge. NONE. OF. THAT.

Now, I am a strong independent woman who can just get me my own drugs!!

BitCanna is well-placed to benefit from this growing industry. The company has ambitious plans to take this far and become a global digital payment solution for the cannabis industry. It will first launch in Europe and then expand to the rest of the country.


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