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26 May 2024
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Dexalot Launches Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) DEX on Arbitrum

Dexalot Launches Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) DEX on Arbitrum

Central limit order book (CLOB) decentralized exchange Dexalot, announced its launch on Arbitrum. With this move, Dexalot is taking a step toward growing outside of the Avalanche ecosystem.

Launched in February 2023, Dexalot runs its current CLOB exchange on a dedicated application-specific chain. The choice to extend Dexalot’s trading infrastructure to Arbitrum will provide Ethereum L2 users with a number of potent features.

Its CLOB’s design offers a user experience more like that of a CEX, setting it apart from traditional AMM DEXes. With the help of Dexalot, users may set limit orders, which eliminate price slippage and increase traders’ capital efficiency. Dexalot also offers significant liquidity, excellent pricing, and clear order visibility with fraction of a penny for gas fees.

Several of these functionalities were not previously accessible on the network, and the introduction of Dexalot on Arbitrum will provide L2 users with access to them. Additionally, it will provide a dependable platform for native token launches for Arbitrum initiatives. Dexalot preserves the high decentralization that is built into Arbitrum’s architecture as all orders are put onchain without incurring any custodial risk.

Tim Shan, Dexalot’s COO said:

“We are very excited to expand Dexalot’s multichain order book with commingled liquidity to the Arbitrum community. This is a major milestone for the Dexalot team, and we are very proud to achieve on Arbitrum.”

Peter Haymond, Senior Partnerships Manager at Arbitrum added:

“Dexalot’s Central Limit Order Book on Arbitrum promises fairer pricing, deeper liquidity, and enhanced capital efficiency. Offering a centralized exchange-like experience will move DeFi closer to mass adoption.”

Dexalot has handled more than $1.1 billion in transactions since its launch. These volumes are anticipated to increase dramatically with the launch on Arbitrum, which will also provide a more secure and safe trading environment. It will also solidify Arbitrum’s position as the leading L2 for advanced on-chain trading.

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