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21 September 2021
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Global Telecom Vodafone Teams Up With a Blockchain Firm on Renewable Energy Project

Global telecommunication company Vodafone is to team up with blockchain startup Energy Web (EW) with the bold plan to connect energy generating assets across the grid. 

The Partnership Plan Is To Incorporate SIM-centric DLT with IoT Connectivity

The internet-of-things connection will be provided by the leader in this environment Vodafone Business (with the vast of 100 million connections globally) in order to “create secure IDs for energy assets” around the world.

As recently announced, the collaboration will attempt to connect and improve the integration of renewable and distributed energy assets. These include wind turbines, batteries, heat pumps, and solar panels within power grids through a secure IoT connectivity and blockchain technology.

The System Will Resemble The Detection Of A Mobile Phone

Put simply, the connectivity process should follow the principles of how telecom operators securely identify mobile phones via SIM cards. Thus, the relationship will be suited to enable energy grid players and entities to recognize distributed energy assets connected to their grids.

The so-called “smart grid” will give the opportunity to identify and validate distributed-generation assets, which would be of high importance for its stability.You Might Also Like:

Blockchain Solutions Tailored For More “Green” Grid Ideas

This is Energy Web’s first big team-up with a strategic partner from the telecom sector of such a scale. Among the plans is the idea that this would give EW the opportunity to use technological capability and global footprint on its mission to accelerate the strive to decarbonize the grid.

“As the number of decentralised, new-generation, low-carbon devices grows, so does the need for them to be securely connected regardless of their location. At Vodafone Business IoT, we believe that technology and connectivity can be used to help protect the planet and improve people’s lives. We are proud to work together with Energy Web to make this a reality.”, said Vodafone Business IoT director, Erik Brenneis.  

Following Its Own Trend

Vodafone Business’s recent activity tracks an increasing usage of blockchain technology in its endeavors, including identity, security, and digital rights. They ensure IoT digital solutions to energy providers in the world. This also consists of smart metering and smart grid solutions. Thus, the future might hold the possibility of such companies having the leading part in digitizing and decentralizing power grids around the world.

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