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25 June 2024
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Huobi Exchange Hires Compliance Chief From Global Bank State Street

If you’re reading this article, odds are your first response will be ‘I don’t need this’ and it’s probably true.  What you may be forgetting – the dozens of friends we all have that could seriously benefit.

There’s no reason to beat around the bush, the cryptocurrency world can be quite intimidating to someone first dipping their toes into the water.  Ask a question that makes it obvious you’re new, you’ll find out quickly how that water is scolding hot – we’ve all seen what happens if someone asks something along the lines of ‘what is a private key?’ to a website full of experienced traders.

Trying to find the information needed to teach yourself is also surprisingly hard now, I just took a look for myself while doing research for this article, and wow – I had no idea how hard it really is.  While there’s plenty of sites offering information, among the top google search results – most are actually clever ads for various exchanges and other services hoping to ‘help’ someone make their first investments.

For someone ready to just dive in, buy Bitcoin and learn as they go, they likely won’t understand that the first search results they’re seeing are actually misleading pages trying to selling them Bitcoin Cash.  The big headline text simply says “Buy Bitcoin” and the small text underneath reveals it’s not BCH, not BTC! Even then, to someone new to cryptocurrency they probably still don’t know the difference between the two.

If you started your venture into cryptocurrency before 2017 – clearly things have changed.

With that in mind, think back to when cryptocurrency exploded in 2017 and everyone from old highschool friends, to family members, were asking you about it. It was fun at first, but next bull run get ready for it to happen again.

So it’s obvious, there’s a need for a place someone can learn the ropes, ask basic questions without being mocked, and get answers that aren’t from someone also sending referral links hoping to earn commission.

These are the reasons why Crypto Ed was created!

Created by experts in the fields of technology, telecommunications and financial services, Crypto Ed is designed to give someone who wants to enter the cryptocurrency space all the information they need to do it right.

Here they won’t find a specific exchange or coin being promoted, they have a guide that teaches them about several of the top exchanges so the reader can decide which fits them based on what their goals are.

Similarly, they can read up on coins and clear the initial confusion that comes from seeing multiple ones being called ‘Bitcoin’ and learn the differences of ‘Ethereum’ compared with ‘Ethereum classic’.

First they’ll begin with a basic “How to” course that comes in 4 easy to understand sections – Discovery Stage, Planning Stage, Implementing Stage, and Managing Stage.

Then, to expand their knowledge there’s articles covering topics like ‘The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By Crypto Beginners’ to help stop someone from making the same mistakes many of us probably did in our first few weeks, plus some serious and vital topics like security and spotting scams. Other articles such as ’10 Most Important Crypto Terms’ will help ensure they don’t start talking crypto in forums/chat rooms and say something embarrassing that gives away their newbie status.

When they’ve got all the basics down – they can start learning about specific coins and decide which they want to own in the ‘crypto list’ section.

Now that they’re no longer a newbie, they can move on to Crypto Ed’s ‘pro tips’ and continue to learn.

Having something like this would have been great when I first started in cryptocurrency, and really  could be a great shortcut. After a couple weeks at Crypto Ed someone who just started could probably hold a conversation with someone who has been in crypto for years.

Next time someone’s asks me ‘how did you learn all that?’ i’ll say ‘the hard way but only because there was no Crypto Ed’ – then send them over to https://www.cryptoed.io

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