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Optimism Integrates Fault Proofs, Moves Closer to Complete Decentralization

Optimism Integrates Fault Proofs, Moves Closer to Complete Decentralization

  • Any user may challenge and remove an invalid withdrawal attempt by the team’s sequencer.
  • Optimism has progressed to what Vitalik Buterin has dubbed Stage 1 of Decentralization.

According to the OP Labs development team, Ethereum layer-2 Optimism has included fault proofs into its smart contracts. As far as the team is concerned, Optimism has progressed to what Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has dubbed “Stage 1” of decentralization.

Base, Metal, Mode, and Zora are the least number of OP Stack networks that will “soon” apply the fault proofs. Users of Optimism may now request the withdrawals of ERC-20 tokens and Ether (ETH) “without involvement from any trusted third parties,” according to a post by OP Labs. Also, any user may “challenge and remove” an invalid withdrawal attempt by the team’s sequencer by providing evidence that the withdrawal is not genuine.

Eyeing Complete Decentralization

Since the Optimism Security Council may override the fault proofs with a six-of-eight majority, the post said that the new approach does not entirely preclude the sequencer from stopping lawful withdrawals or processing invalid ones. But now users, not the Optimism team, are in charge of verifying withdrawals, and the only way to change this is for the Council to vote explicitly to do so.

This transition to “Stage 1” will allow the team to achieve complete decentralization, or “Stage 2” in the future, according to its claims. In Stage 2, the Security Council may only bypass the fault proofs in the event if a problem leads to contradictory results from different proving systems.

The group claims that in the long term, Optimism will employ more than only Cannon as a fault-proof system. One day, Optimism will reach “multi-proof nirvana,” the state of affairs where the sequencer confirms only legitimate transactions using several evidence mechanisms.

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