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29 May 2022
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Should Bitcoin Be Fungible, Is Your BTC Clean?

Over the last few years, blockchain development has come out to be one of the most sought after skills among entrepreneurs, tech giants and development hubs. This demand for the repertoire for Blockchain experts also ensures more than fair compensations for individuals that are well inclined with the concepts and architecture of blockchain. From a recently conducted research, Blockchain development as a career is seen as the 7th most well paying job among all IT related career occupations that are pertinent in the status quo.

Source: Computer World

This increase in annual salaries for blockchain developers has seen a drastic rise of around $4,000 over the last six months and can be now seen at $176,000 per year for experienced developers.

Talking up the industry and prospects available to blockchain developers was Mati Greenspan in conversation with BlockPublisher. The blockchain and cryptocurrency expert shared his view that due to the increasing demand for professionals in the field of IT, many educational institutions are now looking to include Bitcoin and blockchain development as part of their curriculum. He said:

Yes, of course [more focus should be put in by the education sector]. Many universities are adding Bitcoin and Blockchain courses, but overall those looking to pursue a career in blockchain development still are left mostly to their own devices.

The increased salaries for blockchain developers all over the market can also be credited to the lack of experts and professionals in the field. With blockchain being a relative new scope of work, most people do not know of it yet and others are excited about its prospects but not involved at a technical scale. Hence, CEOs of startups and investors investing into the technology do not want to lose the existing professionals that they have. Rather, they are looking to incentivize arrival of more and more educated personnel that would help develop build the space altogether.

With promise shown in education and much greater appreciation in the job market, one may be entitled to imagine the space only going onward and upwards from here, starting with basic education for the coming generations. To that aspect, Greenspan also commented:

Yes, of course [it will grow]. The market is showing a clear demand for these skills, so there will likely be more efforts from educators to meet it.

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