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7 December 2022
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The Tron Network Receives a New Game ‘EtherGoo’ Which Previously Worked on Top of Ethereum

Tron seems to be gathering the attention of developers that work on top of the Ethereum(ETH) network. The Ethereum-based game EtherGoo will now be called TronGoo and will be running on top of the Tron network. The information was released in a blog post by Tron Arcade on January 4.

The game allows users to acquire Goo. It is possible to produce it or just steal it from other players on the game. Goo can be used to purchase production units and barracks. The strategy is very simple, barracks units are used to defend and attack while production unites increase users’ daily Goo.

The interesting thing is that individuals can earn real TRX tokens participating in this game. The TRX earned are related to the Goo that a player is able to earn in-game.

Tron commented about this issue:

“The TRON network and the TRON Arcade fund will always welcome developers with open arms. We’re confident that working together will allow our technology and communities to fuel the next wave of innovation and adoption.”

The number of decentralized applications has been growing during the last years, but the number of users remained low. However, Tron was able to surpass Ethereum in the number of daily transactions and active users. Tron has clearly been trying to push for wider adoption of virtual currencies and blockchain technology.

EtherGoo team has been always developing decentralized applications for the crypto space. Although 2018 was a very hard year for virtual currencies, the bear market did not affect the development performed by the team. Indeed, EtherGoo was able to surpass CryptoKitties as the top dApp in terms of daily active users on the Ethereum platform.

The Tron Shrimp team, that is led by Mr. Farenheit released the most explosive dApp on the Tron Network up to date.

Back on November 29, Tron unveiled TRON Arcade, a $100 million fund for the gaming industry. The intention is to develop games using blockchain technology and the Tron network. This would allow individuals to start using blockchain technology and expand its capabilities.

This has positively affected the price of Tron during the last 24 hours. Its price grew more than 10% when it moved from $0.02 to $0.023 in just a few hours. At the moment of writing this article, Tron is the 10th largest digital asset in the market. It also has a market capitalization of $1.5 billion.

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