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25 April 2024
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Unveiling the 3 Key Factors Behind Bitgert Coin’s Impending Price Surge

Unveiling the 3 Key Factors Behind Bitgert Coin's Impending Price Surge

The bull market offers investors many opportunities to bag gains from blue chips and new tokens. With thousands of altcoins floating in the market, finding a token that fulfils the criteria of solid fundamentals, good tokenomics, and great returns becomes a task. 

Here’s us decoding a great find that gives competition to industry leaders like Solana, Cardano, Tron, etc., in terms of transaction speed and costs. It’s the fast-emerging Layer-1 blockchain BItgert. Let’s get started. 

Bitgert’s Fundamentals 

In the multichain verse, interoperability and scalability will remain any chain’s top concerns and growth drivers. 

Bitgert is a zero-fee layer-1 blockchain offering a speed up to 100K TPS. Even the likes of Solana, Base, and Injective cannot provide such low fees and high speeds. Solana is facing congestion and bot attacks lately due to the influx of memecoins on its network, and Base is next in line as more memecoins get launched on the network. 

Bitgert chain validates transactions based on the Proof of Authority mechanism. The PoA mechanism is much more user-friendly and faster than Proof of Stake or any other consensus mechanism. Bitgert also has a native suite of products, including its own zero-trading fees crypto exchange, P2P exchange, a payment gateway, and developer tools for building applications on the network. 

Bitgert also has its own Startup Studio, which helps startups raise funds via public and private sales. Bitgert has partnered with Chainlist, Forward, Omniachain, Dextools, etc. It has a thriving community of 800K members and equally happening communities on Discord and Twitter. 

Bitgert’s Tokenomics 

Bitgert’s native token, BRISE, is a BRC-20 token that serves as a utility token that supports the in-house economy. BRISE has a limited supply of 1 quadrillion and a deflationary mechanism. This means that for every transaction executed on the Bitgert chain, 12% of the transaction value is burned. Bitgert has burned 36% of its supply under the same. This mechanism will ensure Bitgert prices keep rising against shrinking supply. 

Bitgert also has a staking program where users can stake BRISE tokens and earn rewards. Bitgert is also getting listed on the IBnnace exchange, which will push it further toward mass adoption. 

Bitgert’s Price Action 

Bitgert chartered 160% gains in a month before undergoing correction. Since its launch, Bitgert has benefited its investors with a 40,000% ROI, and experts predict a 20,000% increase in BItgert tokens in 2024 alone. 

Bitgert has an RSI of 60, which points to the building of investor momentum and buying pressure in the market. Its MACD is also a buy signal and has successfully tested its 200-day SMA and EMA. 

As the bull market gains heat, the Bitgert token will absorb more gains and rise up the charts for another rally. 

Bitgert is a mid-cap token. Investors who are early will be benefited multifod as Bitgert gains adoption and better use cases in the long term. 

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