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7 October 2022
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CasperLabs releases Proof-of-Stake implementation Ethereum

CasperLabs, a company involved in the development of the Ethereum platform, has released the first Casper Proof-of-Stake (POS) for Ethereum. The implementation, called “Highway”, was announced by CasperLabs on November 1 in a press statement that it shared with Cointelegraph.
The protocol would make consistent decisions and also guarantees that a decision is actually made. This makes the protocol “live and safe”, says CasperLabs. The company also published an extensive study on the protocol.
The Casper POS protocol has been released as open source. Casper stands for the implementation that Ethereum will eventually convert into a POS blockchain. Miners are no longer required for this type of blockchain, which means that it would work more efficiently than a Proof-of-Work protocol that, for example, runs Bitcoin, which therefore requires miners.

In the press statement, CasperLabs states that it hopes it can inspire developers with Highway:

By releasing CasperLabs Highway to the public via an open source license, we hope to stimulate further innovation for everyone.

The first version of Casper was released last May. In September this year, CasperLabs raised another $ 14.5 million to make Ethereum more scalable, partly by developing a POS protocol.

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