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25 April 2024
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Cryptocurrency: Man Misses Earning $1 Million With $40 Investment

The cryptocurrency market can make or break an investor by delivering millions in profits or turning him into a pauper. The key to making millions sometimes lies in meme coins that can go helter-skelter in the charts after launch. However, no shoe fits all, as even meme coins come in various shapes and sizes in the market. Some take investors to the moon with life-changing gains, while others make their portfolios bleed forever.

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One such case occurred during the end of 2023 when a cryptocurrency investor got the opportunity to make $1 million. Unfortunately, the opportunity was squandered simply because the investor sold the holdings much earlier than expected. This cost the investor dear as he missed the opportunity of a lifetime to make $1 million in the quickest way possible.

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Cryptocurrency: $40 Could Have Fetched An Investor $1 Million

Can Dogwifhat (WIF) Hit $10 After Bitcoin Halving?
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A cryptocurrency investor purchased DogWifHat (WIF) tokens during its inception last year. WIF was launched at $0.000001366 on the Raydium Solana DEX in November 2023. The investor poured in just a mere $40 to accumulate millions of DogwifHat tokens at that time.

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However, just when WIF dipped briefly in the charts, the investor panicked and sold all his holdings for a loss of $10. In short, the investor purchased DogWifHat cryptocurrency in November 2023 for $40 but sold it at a loss of $30.

Little did the investor know that the cryptocurrency would skyrocket in the charts and become the talk of the town. Yes, DogWifHat kick-started a rally days after he dumped the tokens and deleted all its zeroes hitting an all-time high of $4.16 in March 2024.

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The $40 could have turned into $1 million in just four months of investment into the WIF token. The golden chance to make $1 million was missed by dumping the cryptocurrency much earlier and due to fear.

The investor confessed his bad luck on the cryptocurrency at the Coinfessions page on X. “On November 20 2023 I bought 40$ worth of wif which are now worth more than 1M$. I sold everything on November 21 for 30$,” he wrote.

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