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7 December 2023
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Ethereum (ETH) Network Facilitates a New Method of Real Estates Ownership

Anyone from anywhere across the world will be able to buy in a piece of the US real estate market by virtue of a fully-compliant, fractional, and tokenized ownership.  All of these are powered by the blockchain.

RealT are bringing in a long list of curated properties. So investors will be able to invest in small or large from across the world.  It is thus possible to earn rent daily and sell whenever required.

For more clarity, RealT is a platform which is meant for investing in the U.S. real estate.  Their mission is to democratize the access to real estate investment opportunities, and this concept is curated by a team of real estate professionals.

The interesting thing is that the ownership of these real estate properties are denominated by the digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is well known that paper deeds determined ownership in real estate; however, RealT now replaces paper deeds making using digital tokens.  Thus, this is a new method of asset ownership, based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The digitization of the paper deed into a digital token, comes with unique advantages in terms of real estate ownership.  The trend is catching up.

The good news is that RealT is available for almost everyone to invest in real estate with.  Further, all citizens of European and North and South American countries, and most of Asian countries, can sign up and invest with RealT.

Commenting, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ethereum Network and ETH based stuff are already a revolutionary happening.  Other than for scalability, those who have developed ETH use cases understand its worth.”

Ethereum (ETH) Network Perceptions

One of the Ethereum users posted a request:  Dear Vitalik, Thanks for the ETH ecosystem. I have a challenge request “I know the team is very busy but could you please evaluate the possibility to build a tool when the wallet user can change his own private key. Overall for the cases that got stolen by a professional phishing entity.”

Meanwhile other opinions doing the rounds about Ethereum is that all the ETH miners are mind-controlled by the Chinese Government.  Some of them even have to state that ETH is centralized in China.

One Chinese commentator stated, to build a truly decentralized financial network, many builders, and efforts from all around the world involved including China. Tons of tough work still ahead of us, do not make another unnecessary burden to our builders.

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