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2 June 2023
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Experts divided on second Ether transaction with $2.6M fee

A second transaction has been confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain with a $2.6 million gas fee, confusing the crypto community.

A second transaction of 350 Ether (ETH) (worth $86,000 at press time) with an incredible $2.6 million gas fee has just been confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain, less than 24 hours after the first transaction for 0.55 ETH ($130 at press time) with an identical fee amount was processed. Both transactions were processed with a fee of exactly 10,668.73 ETH. 


Transaction details of the second unusual transaction. Source: Etherscan

Unlikely laundering

These mysterious transactions have stumped the wider community with some suggesting money laundering or revenge from a disgruntled exchange employee.

Both transactions originate from the same address, but the blocks were mined by separate miners, which reduces the possibility that the transactions are a means of laundering money or avoiding tax.

An honest mistake?

This transaction went to Bitfly’s Ethermine ETH pool, which promptly took to Twitter in an attempt to reach out to the sender:

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