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25 June 2024
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Flooz.xyz Announces Verified Links Pages: The Definitive Link-in-Bio Tool For All Web3 Projects

Flooz.xyz, a leading trading platform, and analytics provider in DeFi, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest Verified Links Pages. The platform presents the definitive link-in-bio tool for all Web3 projects.

In collaboration with Guardian and Raidar Telegram Bots by ArkiTech, this partnership marks a significant milestone, combining Flooz native Telegram trading tools with ArkiTech’s best-in-class community authentication portal, buy bot, and raid-to-earn bot.

The Verified Links Page integration will be live today, Friday 7th June in the Guardian and Raidar setup menus, directly available to over 60,000 token communities and over 1.5m active users across Telegram.

Turn your Token Community into on-chain holders with Flooz.xyz

Flooz.xyz is a rapidly growing non-custodial trading platform and Web3 infrastructure provider with over 250k monthly active traders. Moreover, the team has successfully onboarded thousands of token teams using the embeddable Flooz Checkout widget. They’re dedicated to building best-in-class tools for any token creator by allowing them to onboard their community seamlessly.

Their Web3 toolkit has quickly established itself as a must-have for token teams situated across Telegram and Twitter/X. Moreover, the platform is targeted at anyone looking to convert their token communities into on-chain holders, particularly meme tokens across emerging ecosystems such as Base, Solana, and Blast.

Furthermore, the partnership with ArkiTech signifies a strategic move to counter malicious actors and bots. The platform assures that token communities can verify and authenticate their social links using Guardian Bot. Additionally, the Verified Links Pages are also accessible to all Raidar users to display live community raids and real-time leaderboards, and to distribute XP rewards. The tool is geared toward token teams that want to bolster their engagement and long-term holder growth.

The platform aims to be the single source of truth for verified links for any Telegram Token community. It contains the smart contract address and network, social media links, branding (logo, banner), custom links, and real-time market stats and data. Moreover, verified Links Pages are available to over 60,000 users across Guardian and Raidar bots for their Telegram community. Additionally, you can customize your Verified Links page using the main configuration menu inside both bots and admins only. Verified Links Pages are optimized to convert visitors to token holders and come with a built-in swap and buy flow. Flooz offers a comprehensive Partners API, designed to empower partners to seamlessly transmit token teams’ Telegram information and spin up hub pages on the fly. This facilitates the creation of tailored pages that accurately reflect each team’s unique identity and offerings. Access the Flooz Developer Docs to get started.

ArkiTech: the most adopted community tool in Telegram

With over 60k groups and 1,5m end users across Telegram, Arkitech has established itself as the product leader for community tools. Moreover, the Guardian Bot serves as an advanced security and group management system for Telegram chat groups. It is designed to protect users from malicious activity and financial risks. Additionally, through real-time monitoring and intelligent threat detection, Guardian ensures a secure environment for productive discussions. By safeguarding users, it allows them to focus on maximizing trading strategies and profits.

In addition to Guardian Bot, there’s the community engagement companion Raidar. It leads the charge in enhancing visibility and growth opportunities for crypto projects. The platform is backed by a team of social media analysts and seasoned bot developers. Moreover, Raidar empowers the online visibility of crypto projects as well as coordinated market activities.

Looking forward with Flooz.xyz

This collaboration between Flooz.xyz and ArkiTech’s Guardian and Raidar bot ecosystem marks a significant step forward in the DeFi landscape. The collaboration promises enhanced value for both the project and the community. Moreover, you can get started by setting up your own Verified Links Page here, the definitive link-in-bio solution for Web3 projects, for Telegram and Twitter. Directly empower your community to buy-with-fiat, swap, and access all group activities in one single place!

Furthermore, Flooz.xyz is currently offering free token listings on their DeFi exchange with over 250k monthly active traders, for all token projects that claim their Verified Links Pages using Guardian Bot by Arkitech.


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