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10 December 2022
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PixEOS project is where games and art collide. It is from the community and for the community, creating a space where digital art is a valuable blockchain asset. The project has created the first art gamification platform through a smart economy on the EOS blockchain.

PixEOS tokens have multiple utilities, which enable artists to promote, tokenize ownership, and monetize their content. The project is funded by community members, embraces profit sharing, and includes bounties, airdrops, and contests on its platform.


PixEOS project was designed to be a sustainable smart economy and users can earn pixEOS tokens in several ways.

Some of the methods include having fun drawing on pixEOS Paint, playing other games, contributing to the platform, and supporting the EOS artists through the pixEOS Gallery and pixEOS Art House. On such avenues, artists can publish their art and get commission requests for Visual Arts and Creative Media services.

The pixEOS token will empower the entire community of platforms for both gamers and artists alike.

Project partners

PixEOS has established strong and solid partnerships to assure a smooth, professional, and transparent platform launch.

The project is listed on Token Pocket, Meet.One, Bitpie, EOS Live and EOS Lynx; and recommend them as trusted wallets to manage users’ assets and access the pixEOS Dapps. Users can add pixEOS token to their favorite wallet and join the community to take part in the initiatives and contests.

More strategic collaborations are ongoing and the platform will keep very actively improving the pixEOS infrastructure. They are engaging exchanges, wallets, DApp stores, other EOS-based games, as well as Block Producers to implement a healthy and long-lasting platform.

They also strive to make pixEOS Paint the Ultimate Pixel Game Experience and pixEOS the most reliable ecosystem for EOS-based games.

Token launch

The platform is generating one billion pixEOS tokens with attractive bonuses, as it launches the flash pre-sale just before the DApp release.

The platform is urging interested parties not to miss the chance to get the pixEOS token before before it hits the market and start getting rewards right away. PixEOS tokenlaunch will run through the platform’s website and through smart contract. The tokens will be distributed immediately according to the pixEOS/EOS rate.

To fund the project, the team planned to run a presale of pixEOS tokens, which took place in December 2018. They also launched the pixEOS Paint—a drawing game with evolved UX.pixEOS Token will be listed on the EOS ecosystem exchanges and plans to reach major exchanges will be possible with the support of the project’s community and adoption of the platform.

Project team

The project team will be completed by community members that are capable, active towards the pixEOS community, and many updates are planned in the platform roadmap. The core team has more than 20 years of experience in branding activation, marketing, and amazing UX experiences.

The project is grateful to EOS Asia and Pixel Master for the inspiration and open source contracts, but they have decided to code their own contracts and build an awesome project to the users and support the artistic and creative media community on EOS. PixEOS is much more than a Dapp.

Users will need an EOS account and TokenPocket,Meet.One, EOS Live, EOS Lynx or Scatter to play pixEOS Paint.

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