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6 December 2023
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NEO Long-term Price Analysis – December 30

Let’s Look at Some of XRP’s Short Term Value Predictions as Ripple Looks to Start 2019 with a Bang

Now that the overall market sentiment towards the crypto sector has once again softened up, many casual enthusiasts are looking to see what the future holds for XRP. So without any further ado, let’s have a look at some of the short-term price predictions that have been made by famous traders in relation to this premier altcoin:

The Future Looks Good For XRP

According to the XRP price outlook released by JFD Research recently, the current uptrend being showcased by the top 5 altcoin is promising to say the least. However, with that being said, it still remains to be determined whether this positive upward movement is sustainable and if the digital currency can continue to surge over the course of the coming few days and weeks.

xrp price

As can be seen above, in line with the predictions made by JFD Research, the price of XRPhas just jumped over the $0.39 mark.

XRP Is Showcasing Recurring Bullish Patterns

As many crypto enthusiasts already know, most major financial assets tend to display recurring economic patterns which in most cases seem to point to something bigger.

For example, XRP’s value chart by Tilen tradershub (which has been displayed below) seems to indicate that the price of the crypto coin could be on the verge of a break out soon.

xrp price chart 2

It is also worth noting that the last time the above showcased pattern was seen shaping up, the value of XRP shot up to a whopping $0.56. With that being said, it is worth asking oneself the question “Is there are really room for such a massive shift to occur”?. This is because the market at large still has more than a few bearish signals to contend with.

Is A Price Reversal Incoming For XRP?

According to respected online trader easyMarkets, XRPs immediate future is murky to say the least. For starters, the analyst believes that a market reversal may be coming XRPs way— which could establish a potential resistance level of $0.376 for the currency.

As a result of this, the top-5 altcoin may once again go into a slump since overcoming the aforementioned resistance level could be a challenge to say the least (especially when considering the current state of the market). Last but not least, easyMarkets has also predicted that a failure to break through this level could potentially send back the value of XRP to around the $0.306 mark.

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