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26 September 2023
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Ripple Senior VP Says Potential XRP Customers Want A Better Experienced For xRapid

Ripple’s SVP Of Product Says Customers Want A Better Experienced For xRapid

xRapid customers seem to be asking for a better on-boarding experience. Asheesh Birla, SVP of Product at Ripple, talked during an interview in a Ripple Drop episode about Ripple, customer feedback and xRapid.

He started by talking about their accomplishments as a company and Ripple’s product team. For him, xRapid and xCurrent are some of the biggest achievements of the company.

About the xVida product he said:

“And then of course xVia, you know, a lot of traction, especially over the last couple of quarters, getting that product live and also making xVia work with xRapid, another big win – To round out that experience.”

According to Mr. Birla, they’ve received a lot of customer feedback from xRapid. He said that customers are asking for more destinations and places in order to use the products.

xRapid is one of the main services offered by Ripple to companies and banking institutions all over the world. It provides liquidity for banks using the XRP virtual currency. This would allow banks and other financial institutions process cheaper and faster transactions.

Furthermore, clients seem to be asking more xCurrent deployments and reach places where traditional financial companies do not offer services.

With xRapid, banks and companies can start to save money at the time of processing transactions. This offers a better experience for users that also see transaction times reduced compared to traditional banking systems.

About the future of the crypto space, he mentioned that Ripple aims at increasing xRapid adoption and bring it to corridors that have the necessary regulatory clarity around. This would offer new services for clients in many different countries. With xCurrent, the company wants to reach more destinations and connect more individuals.

Just yesterday, Ripple announced that RippleNet surpassed 200 customers around the world. Additionally, some companies such as JNFX, SendFriend, Transpaygo, FTCS, and Euro Exim bank will be using XRP to source liquidity on-demand and process customers’ transactions.

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