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25 April 2024
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Successful Crypto Community “Blue Whale Club” Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

The cryptocurrency industry has seen rapid growth over the last decade. Numerous analysts consider Bitcoin (BTC) the best-performing asset of the previous 14 years, rising from below $1 to over $73,000 this March. However, new investors may feel uncomfortable finding their way in this emerging industry. New crypto projects appear daily, not to mention the thousands of scam projects on the web. Here’s where the Blue Whale Club comes in.

The Blue Whale Club made its debut in March 2021. In just three years, the community has garnered support from thousands of investors. The community’s Facebook page surpassed 40,000 followers this year, while the private club has 5,500 members.

Blue Whale Club Private Community

While the community’s social media is bursting with new followers, its private community has entered its fourth year in 2024, moving forward with new developments. Alex, the founder of the Blue Whale Club, began with simple trading ideas, where he shared real trades with the community members. However, over the last three years, the community has grown into a massive earning farm.

The community engages in spot and futures trading, with analysts engaging in extensive research on potentially profitable projects for investments. The team has also started retrodrops, providing detailed guides for people who are completely new to the field. The initiative allows new investors to make a profit along with other members. Moreover, the community also has a research team that provides market analysis and news updates on a daily basis.

Get the latest and most accurate market analysis

Another significant facet of the Blue Whale Club is its extensive research. In fact, the community perfectly caught the bottom of the market, entering and averaging their positions. While other analysts had made forecasts of Bitcoin (BTC) falling to $12,000, Blue Whale’s analysts made accurate predictions when the bottom had been reached. These predictions are clearly visible in the community’s Facebook posts.

Some of the metrics shared within the community to ensure proper forecasts include candlestick patterns, classical patterns with breakout models, wave theory, Power of 3, support and resistance levels, Wyckoff, liquidity pools by Smart Money, onchain data, etc. The team also looked at historical market similarities and stock market correlation. The extensive research led to a perfect call for the BTC bottom, which many other analysts missed.

The Blue Whale Club is a tight-knit community that encourages growing together while sharing trade knowledge. The group’s goal is to promote becoming financially independent, early retirement, becoming a better trader, or just growing your capital.

To learn more about the Blue Whale Club, you can visit their website, join their Discord server, join their Telegram channel, or visit their FaceBook, X, or Instagram page.


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