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These Are the Most Rewarding Ethereum Faucets in August 2020

Many want to be a part of the Ethereum cryptocurrency network, and the administrators of this rising crypto asset have discovered this breach in the flow of the crypto assets. The concept of an Ethereum faucet allows interested people to get free ETH by performing some tasks online. The tasks that a person has to engage in an Ethereum faucet are simple; they are perhaps things that you already do online; this time, you only do them to get some rewards. The mere fact that you can perform simple tasks on the internet and receive compensation for this makes the idea of a faucet very attractive.

There are tons of Ethereum faucets on the internet, but simplifying your search for the most rewarding ones is why we have put the following lines together. So you’re in the right place, as this article will guide on the best and most rewarding Ethereum faucets in August 2020.

Free Ethereum

free ethereum

Free Ethereum is an Ethereum faucet that offers ETH as a reward to its members for playing games on the platform. The games involved in this process are quite easy, and they are a walkover for many. You can make Ethereum claims on this website every one hour.

Rewards are sent to the Ethereum wallet of those who engage in games and activities on this site.

Free Ethereum has a referral program that gives you fifty percent (50%) of the coins of each person you refer to as a referral earning on its platform. This Ethereum faucet offers a yearly interest of eight percent (8%), and the minimum withdrawal is about 0.001 ETH.

Faucet Crypto

Faucet Crypto

Faucet Crypto is another platform that offers Ethereum faucets. The website gives several cryptocurrencies as a reward for those who participate in certain activities. Besides the fact that you can claim Ethereum on this faucet platform, you can also get some of the topmost cryptocurrency assets as a reward.

There are a series of activities you can do to earn Ethereum, such as clicking ads, engaging short links, playing games, and giving answers to simple questions that appear on its offer wall. You can claim ETH every forty minutes, and the minimum withdrawal is about 0.00012 ETH. A distinguishing factor that makes this faucet platform different from the rest is that withdrawals are free on its interface.

Fire Faucet

Fire Faucet offers up to 8 cryptocurrencies, which its users can receive as a reward. Activities that birth the right to claim a crypto reward on this platform are also many, and they are such as playing games, clicking ads, using short links, and a series of other tasks. The use of this faucet platform also has some other benefits that make it one of the best. Thus, one of the most important benefits is a loyalty program, which offers rewards for long time usage of the platform.

The distinguishing factor that makes this faucet different from the rest is that there is no time limit for claiming rewards. The minimum withdrawal limit of the Ethereum is 0.00, and there are no fees attached.


ESFaucets is another Ethereum faucet that gives tasks to complete and claim Ethereum as a reward, but besides the ETH reward, this site also allows users to claim its own native crypto coin: ES COIN.

One of the most distinguishing factors that make this faucet different from the rest is that it is available on a mobile application. ESFaucets charges 0.00015 ETH per withdrawal, and the minimum withdrawal amount is about 0.05015 ETH.


AltHUB offers the right to claim Ethereum as a reward for completing daunting and straightforward tasks on its platform. The tasks of the AltHUB platform range from clicking on short links to completing tasks on its offer wall and a series of other tasks that come up on its wall daily. Moreover, without quick links, a user of this platform can make Ethereum claims every five minutes. The minimum withdrawal limit of Ethereum on the AltHUB platform is about 0.00005 ETH. There are no fees attached to withdrawal on this platform.



Allcoins is essentially a faucet platform that gives Ethereum as a reward for playing games. Besides the fact that you can earn Ethereum on this website, you can also mine cryptocurrencies. Users of this faucet can make crypto claims every four minutes. They can also set the faucet to interact with their accounts automatically, thereby allowing the faucet release claims automatically. There is a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.0036 ETH.


However, it should be noted that earning a significant income with cryptocurrency involves a more in-depth process than faucets can offer. If you still want something to keep yourself going, Ethereum faucets are the options you should consider.

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